What is Afterpay and Why Choose It?

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:4 June 2018 

Have you ever found something online you love and realised you did not have money in the bank? It’s such a pain, right?

Whether it’s ordering a dress for a special celebration, buying an air fryer to cook healthy meals for your family, or ordering a piece of jewellery as a birthday gift for mum, almost of us have had instances where buying online was not going to work because we couldn’t afford to buy something outright.

When you’re left with an item you don’t want because you had to buy the cheap model, you usually have some buyer’s remorse because you really wanted something better. What if we were to tell you that you no longer have to settle for second best? What if we were to tell you that you can essentially buy exactly what you want and pay for it later, a bit like an online lay-buy, but you receive your items straight away?

With Afterpay, you can!


Afterpay is a new way to shop online. It allows customers to purchase from one of their stores, the Merchant sends the item, and the customer then pays the purchase off in four equal fortnightly instalments.  Although Afterpay is a lay-buy service, merchants receive immediate payment. It’s the most convenient way to buy online, especially if you are working with a budget in mind.  The four equal payments help you with budgeting and your personal cash flow.


Afterpay is straightforward and advantageous. Enter your details to create an account, which is a simple and snappy process. Purchase with an Afterpay retailer, choose it at checkout as your payment option, log into your Afterpay account and wait for your items to arrive directly to your door. Initially you will need to pay the first instalment up front but as you gain a purchase history; you will have two weeks before you need to pay your first instalment. You will receive an invoice at the email address you provided after you have purchased your items and you will be informed if you are required to make the first payment immediately, or you have two weeks before your first payment is due. From there, you pay the invoice within two weeks using an automatic online credit card transaction.


If you do not wish to keep the items, simply contact the Afterpay Retailer and they can explain the process to you.  Even though you used Afterpay, this is just a payment gateway and your contract is still with the business you made your purchase from.  Note, not all businesses will accept returns for change of mind.  There are cancelation fees that will need to be paid if you choose to cancel an order – this will be explained in the terms and conditions for the business. Inside Outside strongly discourage change of mind cancelations because of the cancelation fees, we charge a 10% cancelation fee and there is an additional cancelation fee charged by the warehouse to cover costs incurred, such as packaging, restocking and delivery fees.


It’s no secret that information shared online is not always secure. No matter how many precautions a company takes, there is still a risk.

With Afterpay, you limit that risk because you are not sharing your personal banking information through multiple vendor websites. Instead you are paying Afterpay directly through online banking. This means you’re sharing your information with fewer people, and that minimises your risk.

But that’s not the best reason to use Afterpay. The best reason is because it allows you to receive your purchase before you have paid it off in full.


When your kids to progress to a single bed frame from their cot, you will need to buy a bed frame and mattress. Afterpay can help you buy now and pay later.  Simply choose the best mattress and single bed frame Inside Outside has that will meet your needs and when you buy the bed and mattress in a box Afterpay will give you the opportunity to ensure your budget does not take too much of a hit.  Spend a few hundred dollars and pay it off in fortnightly payments.

Find Afterpay Stores Australia by searching the Afterpay website directory, you can even find this information in the Afterpay app.  There is an abundance of choice – Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle gives you the option to Afterpay beds, furniture, home décor, appliances and so much more.  The directory will give you shop now pay later stores for almost anything you can buy in Australia.


In addition to minimising your risk, Afterpay has many other benefits:

  • You pay in instalments with no interest charges unless you do not pay within the agreed time limit.
  • Afterpay offers instant online approval with no credit applications or enquiries.
  • It is an excellent way to buy something you before you have saved the full amount. Let’s say you want to redesign your living room:  when you buy your home décor and furniture Afterpay allows you to pay it off over time, rather than all at once!
  • Afterpay began as an online payment method, but it is now expanding into bricks and mortar retail stores as well.

Other pay later sites may help with financial security, but Afterpay is the easiest to use and with the growing popularity of buy now pay later Australia has seen, continues to grow.  Added to these benefits, there are special offers that come up throughout the year from Afterpay Retailers celebrating the payment platform and all that it entails. As a provider of high quality and beautifully made furniture and home decor, Inside Outside is happy to announce that we now accept Afterpay as well as other secure payment methods.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Afterpay and do a little redesigning today!



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