Summer Garden Ideas: Get Your Garden Organised

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:21 November 2018 

Australian summers are hot and humid—and also the perfect time of year for sprucing up your garden and making sure it is well organised for the months to come. Many Australians spend more time in their garden during summer, whether to play with the kids and dog, to host a BBQ with friends, or just to relax with a cool drink, so having a garden that looks great is important. Follow the tips below and try something new to be the envy of the rest of your neighbourhood.

Add a garden shed to house your supplies

Even if you don’t have much room, adding a garden shed—or even an outdoor storage box—to your yard can make your garden look tidier and more organised. All the tools you need to make your garden look great can be stored inside the shed or storage box, keeping them out of the way and in an easily-accessible location. This will also ensure they are protected and stay in good condition. Garden sheds and storage boxes come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Install a greenhouse to provide your plants with the perfect conditions

Greenhouses are great for storing, potting, and growing plants, as well as protecting them from even harsh weather conditions. The environment within a greenhouse is warm and safe, making them perfect for gardening. Be sure to check which plants will prefer this environment before purchasing.

Greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes, so will suit yards of all sizes. They are generally quick and easy to install, and tools may not be required. Typically made from green or white shade cloth, plastic, or polycarbonate aluminium, greenhouses are built to be sturdy and often include a durable cover that can provide extra protection.

Set up some garden beds to increase your growing space

Not only can garden beds give you more room to plant, but they can also give your garden a new look. Galvanised steel garden beds come in different colours—including green, cream, and grey—and different styles—including rectangular planter boxes and round planters, so you can coordinate them with the accessories in your garden as well as plants.

To set up your garden bed, position it, weed the area within the garden bed, install a weed control mat, cut holes for your plants to grow through, and add mulch. You can then get planting!

Use artificial grass and plants for a low maintenance option

If you don’t have time to take care of a large garden or are looking for something that is low maintenance, consider using artificial grass and plants instead of or as well as real plants. Artificial grass can be cut to size to fit the available space, comes in different styles, and best of all, it doesn’t require mowing.

Artificial plants can be placed in nearly any location around your garden, with many realistic enough to pass as the real thing. Many artificial plants are environmentally friendly and made of high-quality materials that can withstand a bit of weather, too.

No matter your level of skill when it comes to gardening, these tips will give your garden a boost and a tidier look for the summer season.

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