Your Indoor Herb Garden | Self Watering Nourishing UrbiPod for the Kitchen

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:1 May 2019 

UrbiPod Full Spectrum Kitchen Planter

Imagine having fresh herbs or greens at your fingertips and available in your kitchen.  Inside Outside is excited to present the amazing UrbiPod that will allow you to grow fresh produce in your kitchen all year round.

Whether you want to grow fresh basil to add to a tomato-based pasta sauce, some chives for an omelette or salad ingredients to add to a fresh wrap for the kid’s lunches, this innovative Australian designed and made product is your very one portable greenhouse.

The stylish planter is self-watering irrigation system with full-spectrum lighting to nurture your seeds as they grow into food for your family.  Nutrients are delivered to the seeds to grow you a bumper crop of healthy food without having to worry about the weather and season.

The UrbiPod itself is compact enough to keep on your kitchen bench, the growing plants add a welcoming green décor feature to your kitchen.  Whatever size home you live in, this growth pod works for all lifestyles.  A perfect opportunity to grow your own produce in an inner-city apartment or an expansive family home. 

You will love having fresh greens on hand to add to salads or recipes that call for fresh herbs.  We at Inside Outside are thinking this will be a generous and thoughtful Mother’s Day 2019 gift idea and Dad will appreciate it as a practical Father’s Day gift too. 

Looking for the ideal wedding gift?  The UrbiPod will help the new couple set up a healthy eating lifestyle for years to come.

Add the stylish look and ability to produce healthy food for your culinary masterpieces, this indoor gardening system offers an educational aspect perfect for kids to encourage their interest in science, healthy eating and gardening.  Older people also benefit from the ability to grow a garden, without taxing their body bending over garden beds and lifting heaving garden tools to grow vegetables and herbs.

UrbiPod on Afterpay

As with all our affordable products for your home and garden at Inside Outside, you can purchase the UrbiPod on Afterpay.  You can also zipPay UrbiPod’s.  Like the herbs you grow in the UrbiPod, you can chop your payments into bitesize amounts that are easier to swallow when you Afterpay UrbiPod or buy the UrbiPod on zipPay.

Grow Fresh Produce at Home

With all the benefits offered in this healthy growth system, now is the time to start your kitchen garden. Grow fresh produce at home and be certain that you will have fresh herbs or salad ready when you need it, save time on trips to the shops for that one extra ingredient.  It does not matter what time of the year we are in; you can start growing today and harvest the bounty in a couple of weeks.  View our UrbiPod range at Inside Outside here:

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