Why We Love the Carpet Steam Cleaner – Multipurpose Steam Cleaning Machine (And You Should, Too!)

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:9 February 2018 

I recently purchased the carpet steam cleaner from Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle to give life back to our old floor rug that had seen 5 years of spilt milk, biscuits, water and countless other unknown substances (play dough etc.).  To say it was grubby is an understatement.  Even after regular cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, there were still stains that did not come out. 

The steam cleaner is so easy to use.  Simply fill with tap water, plug it in and turn it on.  Wait for the light to indicate the steam is ready to be used and fit the correct tool for the job.  There is no need to be concerned about using chemicals in your home around your family or pets, the water is completely safe and will leave no chemical residue.  At a time when we all care about avoiding unsafe chemicals, this steamer is a fantastic versatile machine.

Using the floor cleaning head on the steam cleaner, I gave a small section of the rug a once over and saw an immediate difference, though it took several attempts to bring the mat to the standard I was happy with.  On smaller hard to move marks, I fitted the pressure head and focussed steam on that one spot for a few seconds, before using the carpet stain remover brush to clean the stain off.  Of course some stains remained, though they had faded, but overall the rug looked almost new again.

The carpet steam cleaner is a multipurpose steam cleaning machine that can be used on carpets, tiled floors, bathrooms, windows, mirrors and even as a car steam cleaner.  Different to other steam cleaners, the benefit of this machine is that it is a multi-tasker.  You don’t have to buy a separate steam mop, handheld steam cleaner, a car steam cleaner and carpet steam cleaner.  It can be used to attack dirt and grime inside and outside your home.

The fittings that easily attach to the hose allow you to use the machine for each purpose.  A small pressure steam fitting is great for around taps, grout and along shower screen edging, while there are two small brushes that work well for small bathroom tiles and car seats. 

There were two issues I found difficult to work with; one was the length of the electrical cord.  It is 2.5m long, which is fine for the bathroom, but when I was cleaning carpets in my son’s room, I had to add an extension lead.  Not a big deal, but something to be aware of, especially if you are working in a large room, or on stairs for example.  The other issue I noticed was that after using the steam cleaner for a long period of time, my hand got sore.  The gun trigger has to be held on to activate the steam.  I would recommend one room at a time, rather than steam cleaning carpets all in one day. 

The tank has a 1.5l capacity, once the tank is empty; you need to wait for the steam cleaning machine to cool down before you refill the tank. 

Over all, I love the results of using the steam cleaner.  The rugs and carpets are steam cleaned and so much brighter, my bathroom tiles shine without any grime and my glass doors sparkle clearly in the sunshine.  Shop online with Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle today, we sell a range of furniture, bed frames Melbourne, a range of the popular mattress in a box online Melbourne, homewares, lifestyle products and really just all you need for inside and outside your home. Purchase your all-in-one steam cleaner online today.

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