Things That Make You Love and Hate Back To School

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:13 January 2018 

In a couple of weeks time parents across Australia will be farewelling their kids as they start a new year of school.  I remember as a child not being able to sleep the night before the first day of school because I was so excited to see my school friends again.  As a parent I am always glad to send my kids back to school, so we can start our routine again.

Why I Love Back To School

When the kids go back to school activites resume.  Sure its busy but music lessons, sports competitions, martial arts and swimming all start up again.  With that, kids are entertained again, active again and they get bored less.  In my house, that means no more fighting kids.

I also love writing lists.  Each year I have a list of back to school ideas to prepare for the coming year and a back to school shopping list to help me remember all that needs to be done.  

Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle sells durable and sturdy backpacks that are great lasting school bags.  Our range of office supplies including office chairs and desks can set up your child's study area to get ready for homework.  The theory being if they have a comfortable area for homework, they will actually do it.  

Why I Hate Back To School

I find there is such pressure for the first day of school for the year.  Kids are nervous and excited and its back to making school lunches every day.  Then there is the cost of a new year.  In the weeks before its time to stock up on school uniforms, shoes, bags and lunch boxes and the build up is towards one day...then back to routine.  Rushing around in the mornings, searching for something interesting and healthy for school lunches and racing from one activity to another.  We have three kids, so the school fees and cost of school supplies gets expensive!  We always have our eye out for back to school deals.

Back To School Deals

This year, Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle is offering a special back to school deal to help you with your back to school supplies.  It is only available by reading this blog, so if you have come this far, well done!  Use code BACKTOSCHOOL at checkout to save $10 on your purchase until 30 January 2018.


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