The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Buying a Mattress Online

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:30 December 2017 

You've arrived at the decision to buy a new mattress for your bed; perhaps you are ready to update your bedroom furniture after seeing our affordable bed frames and want to add a cheap mattress.

Shop in almost any furniture store in Melbourne and you will see a range of mattresses all claiming to be the best mattresses for sale.  Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle dont just make that claim; we have hundreds of customers who can back that up.

Following are some basic tips to help you choose the best mattress for your comfort and to suit your bed frame or to use for your kids bed.


If you have looked in mattress stores in Melbourne or for that matter mattress stores Sydney, Adelaide or searched for a cheap mattress Brisbane or an affordable mattress online Perth, you will notice that they can charge you thousands for the honour of a good night's sleep.  What if you could buy a cheap mattress for under $500 but sleep peacefully and wake refreshed when you buy your mattress online from Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle?  We can help you find the best mattress to fit your budget, that is high quality, comfortable and affordable.



Inside Outsie has hunreds of cheap mattresses in the right size for ou.  Prepare for baby with a cot mattress and as your little one grows, select from our range of single bed mattresses and upgrade to a single bed mattress - dont forget we can help you with a single bed frame as well.

Perhaps you hae the room for a king single mttress or even a double bed mattress. Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle has an abundant choice when it comes time to buy bedding online.  We have a great choice when it comes time to buy sheet sets online Melbourne; you can buy quality cheap sheet sets or buy premium high quality sheet sets online with us.

Searching for an affordable queen bed mattress or king size mattress will yield options of high quality mattresses at the best prices.


Buying a quality mattress; consider your sleep preferences.  Do you prefer a hard mattress or a soft mattress?  Even if you find your mattress to be good, you can still buy a mattress topper from Inside Outside.  Refer to our blog on mattress toppers for more guidance on this.

The best mattress according to our customers is the Giselle Euro Top Mattress.  It features Euro top padding, high density foam and independent coil system.  It has been designed and created with cutting edge technology and our customers liken it to sleeping on a cloud.

Who needs a a medium firm mattress? The Giselle Bedding Bonnell Spring mattress is the answer.  It is a solid mattress that retains its shape well for longlasting use and yet is supple and comfortable.


4. Mattress in a box

You may have heard the term mattress in a box.  Most of the affordable mattresses sold by Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle will arrive this way direct to your door for ease of transport and to save money on delivery costs.

Ultimately the decision to buy the best mattress online is easy once you know your rough budget, the size of your bed and the degree of softness or hardness you prefer.

One final thought; remember to care for your new mattress with a good mattress protector - we can help you with one of these too.  We sell all you need for inside and outside your home, so take time to browse our furniture and lifestyle products too.

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