Seven Misconceptions about Home Renovations on a Budget

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:22 May 2018 

DIY & Renovation

When it comes to DIY and Renovation of your home, options seem to be endless.  When thinking of creating a space to enjoy with your loved ones, you think of only the best and Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle is here to give you that. We sell the best home DIY and Renovation options to create ambient spaces in your household and make it really feel like home.

We provide you with affordable supplies for kitchen designs with breath taking themes to leave an impression every time. These also cater for ease and comfort of use and of course easy maintenance utilizing high quality designs.

With this in mind, let’s talk about some of the common misconceptions about home renovations on a budget.  Inside Outside offers a great range of affordable options when you are working on a DIY home renovation, however, purchasing these DIY supplies is only the beginning of the challenge.  Sometimes going down the DIY road is not the best option if you don’t have access to information about how to remodel your home.  While you have all the ideas, they will not necessarily work out as planned.

  1. DIY Will Save Cash

While demolishing or construction part of your home will save you many dollars in labour of professional tradesman, they do have the tools required for the job as well as the expertise.  Furthermore, you may find that you purchase the wrong fittings for your range hood, or you forget to add the ducted exhaust into your budget.  Research and plan the renovation supplies before you get started.  Know the correct quantities of materials.  Know the correct type of kitchen fittings or bathroom fittings that you require.  One customer purchased taps for their kitchen sink that fitted into the wall, when their plumbing from the previous tap fitting was actually in the sink.  It was easy enough to replace the tapware with our returns department; however buying the wrong item will add time to your home renovation schedule.

  1. Paying Cash is Always Cheaper

Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle offer a range of secure payment options, with no additional fees added to our prices.  We give you the option of paying by credit card. PayPal, Bank Transfer, Afterpay and zipPay.  Have the added reassurance that there is a paper trail for your purchases in the rare instance that you need to make a warranty claim.  We also know you will love our store and the items we stock, so you will want to keep some reminder of where you purchased your affordable bathroom vanity, stylish gooseneck tap or large double kitchen sink.

  1. Projects Always Run Over Time

Actually this opposite is often true.  With careful planning, including built in contingencies for problems that may come up, if you keep at your DIY home renovation you can end up saving time and finishing your project early. The key is to stick at your plan and follow the correct procedures to get the renovation done.

  1. You Can’t Even Do a Bathroom Renovation for Under $5,000

If you are looking to do a bathroom renovation on an extremely tight budget, you can sometimes get away with a tin of paint, a new bathroom vanity and some new taps.  You can purchase the bathroom fittings from Inside Outside at affordable prices.  Then, rather than replacing everything, renew your older items and add new life with some indoor artificial plants, home décor and some fresh brightly coloured towels – all available to purchase on line from our online store.

  1. Every Renovation Adds Dollars to the Value of Your Home

As much as we would like to believe that our essential new swimming pool will boost our house value, this is no usually the case.  While we may enjoy the great outdoors and splashing around in the back yard, this is not for everyone.  It might be best to purchase one of the portable family sized pools that sit above the ground and can easily be removed when you sell your home.

  1. Save Money Reusing old Appliances

It might seem like a smart idea, but reusing kitchen fittings and kitchen appliances such as a cook top or rangehood may cost you significantly more in the long run.  Save by having your kitchen appliances fitted now to your kitchen cabinets and complete your modern kitchen.  An older appliance will eventually need to be replaced, so rather than spending time and money repairing then replacing and installing a kitchen appliance into your kitchen plan, replace all at once.  Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle makes this easy for you by providing affordable kitchen appliances.

  1. Buy Home Renovation Supplies Online Melbourne

So what are you waiting for?  You are just a click away from finding all your basic DIY Renovation needs.  Your order will be dispatched from our Melbourne or Sydney warehouse and you can begin your DIY Renovation on a budget straight away. 

Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle is the leading online provider of all you need for your DIY Home Renovation.  Whether you have DIY Kitchen Ideas, you are looking at doing bathroom renovations or you have home renovation ideas for the rest of your home, browse our DIY Renovation range online and save!

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