Save your Inside Furniture: Treat your Furry Friend to a Cat Scratching Post and See the Benefits

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:24 April 2018 

I love cats!  I am a cat person and always have been.  Of course when choosing a husband, this was a question I wanted to be answered as soon as I started dating.  On my first date with my husband, I asked him if he liked cats and he convincingly assured me that he too was a cat lover.  I later discovered he was a dog person and not a cat person.

Fast forward to after we were married and purchasing our first lounge suite as a couple.  We searched for the best sofa for our living room and fell in love with a chocolate brown leather lounge suite that cost more than my car at the time, which was only a couple of years old!  We ordered it and had to wait three months for the leather sofa to arrive from Italy – it was made to order.

Once it had arrived, my husband smugly announced that there was no way we could get a cat now, because our living room furniture was far too expensive to be damaged by the claws of a cat.

Now it’s my turn to be smug.  I have been doing some reading and discovered the reason people love cat scratchers is because the cat scratching trees can help the cat stop feeling the need to shred home furniture and furnishings. 

Caticure (Cat Manicure)

Buy cat tree poles to help the cat mimic the actions in nature where he/she sheds loose layers from his/her claws.  Domestic cats don’t usually roam free outside, so they miss out on climbing trees, fences and anything that they can explore, sniff and scratch on. Cat towers offer a solution to this problem for your inside cat.  Carpeted cat scratching tree poles will allow exploration as well as the scratching action that is essential for the health of your cat’s claws.  Cat manicure anyone?

Pawlates (Feline Pilates)

Inside Outside’s range of cat poles vary in size.  A large cat tower will benefit your cat as it will be able to stretch its paws and limbs which will mean your cat will be able to stay limber while leaping over, under and around the cat scratching post.  Playtime can continue after a long sleep with ease if your cat uses the provided cat furniture for Pawlates.

Feline Fitness

Climbing, jumping, chasing, stretching, repetitive grabbing.  Your cat uses the cat scratcher as part of her circuit training to be ever fit. 

Un-meow (De-Stress, Unwind)

Exercise helps humans de-stress, playing unwinds cat tension.  Digging claws into a carpeted scratching pole feels great for the cat – which is why they do it again and again.  Allow puss to unwind on dedicated cat furniture will save your living room furniture or your bed frame from suffering a sad fate.

The Purrfect Solution

If there are so many great benefits for your cat when you buy a cat tower, it looks like it is time to make a move and find the best cat scratching post to buy from Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle.  For your convenience Buy Now Pay Later Australia solves any budget issues with the Afterpay or zipPay gateways.  If finances are an issue and you can’t afford a cat scratching post Afterpay it and your cat will thank you.


I look forward to setting up cat furniture for my pet when my family moves into our own property.  My youngest sons like cats as well as dogs, so I am sure a dog will also join our family one day too.  No problem, Inside Outside sell petcare products to cater for dogs, dog bedding, dog kennels and dog furniture to help your furry friends live like part of your family.  Browse our range of pet care products online today.


This blog post is dedicated to the memory of my beautiful cat Ginger.  She was with me for 12 years and spent a lot of time in slumber on my mattress when I was growing up. 

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