Rattan Furniture – What is it and how to use it.

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:9 October 2020 

What it is: Rattan is what's frequently used to make furniture that causes you to feel as though you've entered a tropical seashore resort. As we are discussing rattan, we should initially talk about wicker. Rattan can be wicker, yet not all wicker uses rattan, although the terms seem interchangeable. Wicker is a process of weaving that creates something. (Apparently, wicker is genuinely the most popular current trend, as woven material — rattan, manufactured, and more — is in high demand. While the term will, in general, summon pictures of antique farmhouse-style furniture, while rattan relates to the tropical inspiration that has grabbed hold of home-style lovers across the globe.)

Rattan is material as opposed to a process; it looks and feels like bamboo and varies in thickness, flexibility, and shading. Like bamboo, rattan is a reliable and sturdy vine that can develop as a climbing or non-climbing palm mainly found in rainforests in Southeast Asia. Types of rattan vary, yet by and large, they exhibit outspread green leaves and spikes (or spines) that encompass the stalk of the plant to protect it.

That is rattan in its normal state — it's acclaimed in furniture construction. Rattan furniture pieces come in each shade of beige and tan you can imagine; the peacock chair, a majestic throne-like woven vessel, is seemingly the trendiest, most praised case of rattan. Its popping up more and more in the bedroom, with rattan bed heads, and shelves, or dotted around the room forming home décor, such as rattan light shades or rattan jewellery boxes.

Rattan furniture is an enduring classic. It is as spectacular as it is bohemian and offers the entirety of the above when utilized as an accent feature included in any inside or outside space. While a few eras have ignored its fabulousness, rattan is currently at the centre of our attention. Practical and relevant in each room of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, rattan is ideal for bringing those 70s Hollywood vibes, a casual contemporary edge or a bit of Mediterranean style into any part of your home. Go casual and accompany rattan with wood and white for chic, tasteful manner. The most staggering thing about rattan is its capacity to complement a range of styles and patterns, making it an ideal home must have!

Rattan makes fabulous lampshades, regardless of the aesthetic you're going for. Shapely rattan lighting pieces can hang as a focal element in a kitchen, living room, entrance or pretty much anywhere and are ideal for making a stylish statement. It's also suitable for an understated look, pick delicate rattan pendants with simple appearance, regardless, rattan brings warmth, and character to any home.

The natural style and neutral tones of rattan imply that more is unquestionably never enough! Ideal for styling all together in an outside room, rattan is as flexible as it is hard-wearing and classic in style. Regardless of whether you bring rattan furniture into the inside or outside of your home in collections, it makes sure to include light, brilliant, coastal vibes into your space. Group your rattan lounge with a larger than average rattan footstool, a lot of indoor greenery, whether that is living or artificial plants and a neutral floor rug for a stylish interpretation of current boho style.

Rattan furniture universally appears in an abundance of styles and looks, making it ideal for use across most inside rooms. The extraordinary thing about rattan is that you can blend and match various pieces from various styles and eras to make a legitimate look. Rattan is an astounding neutral alone. Adding rattan to a brilliant inside space will ensure balance even with bold furniture and décor. Rattan is the ideal balancer for metallics, industrial or minimalist style decor and creates a stable union between materials inside a space

As breezy as it is stylish, and practical as it is brightening, rattan in a room brings a characteristic "Shhhhhh" with its earthy neutral tones. Regardless of whether its rattan bedside tables, a rattan bedhead, an accent chair or maybe a lot of fantastic pendants, you will always be grateful for including rattan into your room!

Group your rattan back with shades of mustard and earthy coloured home decor, some mid-century glass lighting and bountiful indoor greenery for a look that is as nostalgic as it is super on-trend this season!!

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