Inspired Toy Storage Ideas for Small Places

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:19 July 2018 

Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Toy storage ideas to inspire you store kids toys in unconventional places, like inside a storage ottoman in your living room, in a garden storage box outdoors or on display for all to see on bookshelves.

The reality of house prices and the cost of buying a home in Melbourne, or any other capital city in Australia mean that many of us live in a small home where space is precious.  Modern homes and apartments have smaller bedrooms and living space can be, well, compact. 

As your family grows, so does the need to economise on the use of space in bedrooms and living rooms.  Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle offers a number of toy storage ideas that will save space by creating multi-purpose kids toy storage options.  In addition to the style of the toy storage organizer, you will also need to consider the number of toys that need to be stored.

Kids Toy Box

We automatically think toy boxes when looking at kids storage, a traditional option, they can suit the kids bedroom décor or if chosen thoughtfully can blend into your living room décor.  A white toy box will often blend with most colour schemes, however Inside Outside has a range of designs available on a wooden toy box that look gorgeous in a themed nursery or kids room.  Choose the kids toy box that best suits the style and theme of the room.  The benefit of this toy storage solution is that toy boxes are usually large and will fit various shapes and sizes inside them.

Toy Storage Bins

Toy storage bins are usually open, so toys can quickly be thrown into storage at clean up time.  However, they often come in smaller sizes and can look untidy as the contents are easy to see.  These are a great option to help younger children put their toys away.  You may even like to categorize the toys into each bin, so have a bin for educational toys, one for blocks, one for wooden toys and so on.


A shelf is not only to hold books.  Toys can easily be placed back neatly after use.  A popular option for storing kid’s toys is one of our cube storage systems.  Available in plastic or particle board, which is a manufactured wood, these are available in white or an oak finish, with or without doors.  A rattan basket inside some of the compartments looks organised and is a practical option for kid’s room storage as it will keep smaller toys and mess out of sight.

Storage Ottomans

Storing toys in a shared living area need not look out of place with your home décor.  Coordinate a storage ottoman with your sofa cushions, lounge chairs or lounge suite and you can strategically hide away toys in a piece of furniture that can double up as a stool, foot stool or even a coffee table.  Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle currently stocks small round storage ottomans, square ottomans with a lid and larger chest storage ottoman.  What better way of economising on space than using multi-functional furniture pieces.

Outdoor Toy Storage

Personal experience has taught me that children’s toys can be spread from one end of the house to another, inside and outside!  Buckets, trucks, blocks and larger toy cars can be spread across your back yard or outdoor living space.  An outdoor storage box is ideal to keep the outside toys tidy and out of the weather.  We sell a number of sturdy outdoor storage boxes, including some outdoor storage seats that will help organise the chaos of kids’ outdoor toys.

Keeping toys tidy and organised in storage solutions that function in an additional capacity will save space and allow an efficient use of the room you have.  Storage ottomans that double as footstools, toy boxes that double as bookshelves or a toy chest that kids can sit on are all great ideas.  Shop our range of Kids Toy Storage Options today. 

We’d love for you to share our post to someone who is looking to create more storage in their home.  What great storage solutions do you use in your kids playroom, we’d love to hear from you.

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