How To Pick The Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Home

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:18 September 2019 

Adding outdoor furniture to your home is the best way to spice up the rustic exterior look. Outdoor settings add convenience and functionality and create a space where friends and family can enjoy spending time with one another.


It's not easy selecting the best items appropriate for your home - there's so much to think about! The colours, materials, styles... There's a lot of different furniture elements to consider.


Outdoor furniture can also get quite expensive, especially when you're looking for durable quality - which is a must-have for exposure to the weather elements.


In this post, we'll talk about tips on picking the best outdoor furniture for your home, and even a way to make the price tag a little more manageable - buying outdoor furniture with Afterpay.


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Consider What You Want

The best way to consider what you want as furniture for your outdoor space is to stand out there and picture it. Visualize what can fit into the area - is there enough room for what you want? Now it is also when you should take some accurate measurements.

It's ideal not to make it too cluttered or busy. An outdoor entertainment space should feel relaxed and open, with easy mobility and a refreshing look.

Consider what you would prefer in regards to your lifestyle.

Is a serene lounge area with plentiful cushions and a rustic fire pit something that appeals to you? Or perhaps a lovely barbecue area with a dining table for outdoor celebrations and events.

Start brainstorming a list of different elements you would like to add to the space and let it guide you when you browse different patio furniture. Melbourne and Australian residents can also enjoy browsing our range of stylish outdoor furniture with free delivery for most areas.


Tips For Choosing

When it comes to choosing the furniture, you'll want to follow these tips for the best results.


Any outdoor furniture should feature quality materials and craftsmanship. Exposure to weather elements is a critical factor in furniture degrading significantly over time.

When you buy quality, you are investing in long-lasting pieces that live through many years of use and exposure. Not only that, but quality also comes with hand-in-hand with beautiful, stylish furniture.                     

Dual-Purpose Designs

Dual-quality works best for those who have limited outdoor space. You can implement 2-in-1 seats with storage boxes, for example. This poses both a stylish chair and a convenient storage solution.


When choosing based on colour, it's best to go for neutral colours and expressions. Use this as a base to work with and add splashes of different tones using cushions or other accentuating pieces. It's much easier and more versatile to style this way, too! If you prefer a more bold look, then you can opt for pieces that have vibrant colour finishes.

Easy Caring

Don't struggle to clean and care for your new outdoor furniture. It should be a stress-free space, after all! Find pieces that are easy to care for, and you'll worry less about trying to fit it into your daily cleaning routines.

The best materials to look for with this quality are all-weather wicker, cedar, most metals, and rattan. You can see our range for excellent, high-quality and easy-to-care-for outdoor furniture, too.

Easy to care for outdoor chairs that last in the Australian sun. Afterpay outdoor furniture online at Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle.

Afterpay Outdoor Furniture

If the price tag on most outdoor furniture is preventing you from making a decision, there's an excellent workaround for it - and something we offer!


It's the ability to Afterpay outdoor furniture. With this choice, you can enjoy buying now and paying later, similar to a lay-buy experience.


You pay it back in four fixed payments rather than in one whole amount. It makes it a whole lot easier and less stressful to buy what you need with this option!


We hope these tips helped you with creating the perfect outdoor setting. Afterpay can assist you if the price is a worry. Use Afterpay to order and before you know it, you'll have a fully decked-out backyard. Your patio is ready to entertain guests or provide you with the relaxation you crave.

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