How To Choose The Right Bed Head

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:30 August 2019 

How To Choose The Right Bed Head

It's challenging to choose the right bed head. What fabric should it be? What colour? Decorative or simple?

The style, shape, material, colour, and even your favoured sleeping positions are things you should consider when buying one.

There's one thing for sure, though. You need a bed head. Without it, you're only going to feel as though something is missing every time you enter the bedroom.

To make things a little easier when choosing, we compiled an informative guide on how to select the ideal bed head that matches up with your ensemble base.

Choosing The Best Bed Head

You want your bed head to complete the look of your entire bedroom furniture and match with your home's decor, resulting in a finished appearance.

To start, you want to think about the style you're going for in your bedroom, or your entire home, essentially.

Do you prefer luxurious impressions, or do minimalist designs inspire you more?

Consider the specific decor of your home and bedroom, because you'll want to align the bed head style with this, ideally.

If you plan to buy a new bed as well, then be sure to match both the bed head and ensemble base together before you get carried away.

If you're getting a contemporary style ensemble base, then get a matching bed head. Simple as that. Merge the look into one, uninterrupted whole for the best effect.

With our range, you can browse various bed head styles from vintage to elegant to contemporary - there's something for everyone.

Try our Rattan Headboard for a modern Boho or Hamptons style look, or maybe the PU Leather styles will appeal to you and your decor more.

Following the style is the shape. The style will depend on a variety of factors, particularly the size of the bedroom.

You don't want the bed to appear over-dominating, but you also want to make its presence known as a focal point.

Balance out the style with the other elements in the bedroom, and you'll find the right shape bed-head in no time.

Of course, you also want to make sure you purchase the appropriate size for the counterpart bed. Single Bed Head for Single Beds, for example.

Next, determine the colour you want. Again, this should ideally match with your existing ensemble base.

You don't want to have a bright pink bed head with a vibrant blue base. It just doesn't work - unless you are truly going for that look.

Besides that, go for colours that achieve a certain emotion when you step inside the room. A bedroom is a place in your home where you spend relaxing and sleeping, so align it with your bedroom values.

Harmonise the colours with the other colours in your bedroom, also. Match it with the armchair, sofa, carpet, walls, and other colours that stand out to you.

Do you enjoy sleeping or relaxing on your bed in a certain way? You need to think about this when purchasing a bed head, too.

Padded bed heads work best for those who appreciate propping themselves up to read a book or relax. Cushioned bed heads feel more relaxing, like a cushion.

Regardless, the bed head you choose should overall conform to your current house decor, furniture elements, and colours for the best expression. Don't leave out your personal comfort preferences, either!

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