How to Be Organised in 2020

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:26 December 2019 

A new decade is about to arrive, and as I do each year, I imagine life if I was more organised, so I have come up with a list of how to be organised in 2020. 

Traditionally I make plans to organise, write lists and that’s as far as it goes, but this year will be different, I promise myself.

Following are my favourite ways to organise in 2020.

Declutter every room in the house. Papers are the main problem for this family of five. Whether it is the kids’ schoolwork, receipts or mail, paperwork of any description is everywhere. I have started tidying up schoolwork from 2019, storing some memorable pieces in a plastic storage box and recycling the rest. This achievement in itself has dramatically improved the tidying in our living area, you can see the living room furniture, our coffee table is tidy, and we even have our noughts and crosses table decoration on display. We purchased storage shelves online from Inside Outside and have added some framed photos, an artificial plant and a vase we were given as a gift to bring some cohesion to the room. Our cushions are next on the list, ready to be updated after years of flying around the room and doubling up as indoor surfboards with our young boys.

Set small, realistic goals. As tempting as it is to declutter the whole house Marie Kondo style, tackling a declutter all at once a. won’t fit in with our lifestyle and b. will mean I get distracted after about an hour and quit before achieving a minimalist home. I am a list writer; making a list helps me feel like I have achieved something. I love the feeling of ticking off my achievements in my to-do list. Whether it is replacing the vacuum cleaner, steam cleaning the walls or vacuuming the wool floor rug, each tick represents success to me. I love rewarding myself too if I see plenty of ticks, its time to sit down and relax in front of my favourite Netflix series or shop for some new clothes.

Get yourself a new diary for the new year. I was lucky enough this year to receive a sparkling rose gold diary for Christmas and have already started planning the coming year. This diary will be handy to design my new living room look too, this year its time for a new floor rug to coordinate with our sofa and new cushions – I love the Bambury cushions for our living room.

Set up a command centre for school. Three kids create chaos; alleviate this by setting up a command centre to store school bags, hats, shoes and extras. There are two popular options I am considering. The first is a hallstand with hanging hooks and the second option is cube bookshelves, for us, 3 x 2 shelves will work, with a rattan basket in the bottom shelf and the top shelf available to store the school bag. A memo board for the week’s activities will also be useful, and I hope to plan meals here as well.

Upgrade your surroundings. I hope that 2020 will see us move closer to the kids’ school, so I am looking forward to updating tired living room furniture and décor since it’s the first people usually see when they enter a home. I’d love to add a new tv unit to our living room furniture and then freshen up what we have with new décor. We updated our beach towels this year, with Bambury towels that look amazing. 

Being a lover of lists, I could write another ten tips, but these summarise my broad goals for 2020 to organise the home. Find the ideal item to organise your home at Inside Outside.

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