Hot Gift-Wrapping Trend for Christmas 2020

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:6 November 2020 

More than ever this season we’re embracing green: At Inside Outside, we’re loving the look of wrapping Christmas gifts with fabric rather than paper and purchasing useful material to do this. Tea towels, hand towels, quilt covers and pillowcases can all double up as gift wrap with a purpose.

Sustainability is top of mind, and an easy way to make an impact is to move away from traditional disposable paper that and switch to a Christmas tea towel to wrap a gift.

Impress family and friends with the stylish presentation of Christmas gifts in 2020 using the Japanese tradition of furoshiki wrapping. This wrapping style uses the material to wrap a present instead of paper, make it practical with fabric the gift receiver can use again and again. According to Pinterest reports, furoshiki is a popular emerging trend in the DIY space this year.

Using an easy to follow technique of knotting fabric, once you mastered the skill, it saves you time and additional supplies, no need for scissors or sticky tape. (Which are never where you left them)

This DIY style of Japanese gift wrapping looks fantastic for bottles and gifts shaped like a cylinder, whether it is a bottle of wine, an hourglass, or a candle. However, the options for wrapping don’t stop there, and you can wrap almost any gift in fabric, it will just depend on the material you use. For larger presents, a quilt cover may be the best choice.

Here is a link to a step by step tutorial on how to furoshiki wrap gifts for your presents at Christmas 2020.

We think furoshiki is a brilliant way to incorporate an additional gift. Use a satin pillowcase or bedding as luxurious gift wrap for presents, a linen table cloth, or a tea towel with a Christmas-theme to get into the spirit of things. 

Natural elements

Impress with natural elements to complete the sustainable gift wrapping, for food-based products, tie a sprig of rosemary to the parcel, some leaves or twigs, or for an Australiana look some eucalyptus and gum nuts.


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