Hidden Night Light Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:1 November 2018 

Looking for the perfect gift for a little one? A baby night light in an adorable design is just the thing.  Bring children’s fantasy to life with a charming night light to match the theme of your kids bedroom décor.

From birth onwards, anytime is a great time to buy a night light for a children’s bedroom.  This makes kid’s night lights a thoughtful and practical gift, whether it is a baby shower gift, a kid’s birthday gift, or as some special from Santa this year.  Following are some added benefits of setting up a night light in your child’s bedroom.

  1. Safety. When it’s time to get up for a night feed, comfort an upset baby or change a nappy, a night light will help you see where you step in the middle of the night and help you avoid kicking your toe on the corner of the cot or change table.
  2. Comfort for your newborn when they wake.  According to experts a night light may help build your newborn’s brain when they wake in the night and can look around the room.  A routine and familiar setting can give them a feeling of security and comfort when they wake.
  3. Comfort your toddler when they have night terrors.  If your toddler can see around their bedroom, they will find comfort in their safe environment and be less likely to be afraid of the dark shadows in their room.
  4. Add some beautiful wonder to your kid’s bedroom décor with a colour changing night light.

If you are decorating your kids’ bedroom in a particular theme, a night light from Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle is a wonderful feature.  Available in a range of designs including dinosaurs, motorbikes, mermaids, unicorns and the Ark with more styles to be added soon.

Even without a chosen theme for kids’ décor, little girls will love a colour changing rainbow mermaid to grace their bedside table or if they love animals, the ark offers a variety of interesting animals in a boat.  For the kid who loves transport, the action shot of the motorbike is a kid’s birthday gift that will to appeal to all ages.  Imagine having a friendly dinosaur subtly light up the bedroom to keep your toddler company when he or she wakes at night. 

The My Dream night lights can be set via remote control, select one static colour for the light – it will splay onto the wall and surrounds or select the rainbow and the night light will gently cycle through the rainbow.  To watch is mesmerising and pretty soon your little one will be off to sleep with the comfort of an ambient light to softly glow in the room.

Get your kids night lights from Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle and enjoy fast and free delivery.

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