Four Poster Bed Frames: Four Ways to Style

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:4 March 2019 

Set the tone of your bedroom with your own personal style added to your four poster bed frame. Create a retreat from the world with four inspired decor ideas for your 4 poster bed.

Four Poster Bed Frames: Four Ways to Style 

Four poster bed frames are the seamless main attraction of any bedroom and can be styled in many different ways to achieve completely different looks. Your bedroom should be an oasis where you can escape the days trouble and melt into your comfy mattress. So, it’s important to set the tone and go with a strong theme that suits your personality.

In this blog post we’re going to be looking at four alternative ways you can style a four poster bed frame to perfectly suit the aesthetic of your home.

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#1 – Whimsical Canopy
Add a light and airy feel to your space with this ultra-feminine yet clean look. Using fanciful light canopy sheets to enclose your bed space is the perfect way to create a beautiful relaxing chill out area. You can tie bows to each post for another added feminine touch and to bring out any other accent colour you want with your bedding. We recommend plush pink pillows and silky salmon ribbons for a neutral and inviting tone.

#2 – Earthy Forest
If nature is your calling then look no further than creating an earthy forest vibe in your bedroom. Set out to relax and inspire, using hanging artificial plants, garlands or wreaths to enclose your space. Pair rich greenery with woody tones and soft ochre bedding. Allowing you to connect with nature from inside your bedroom and creating the perfect space to read, relax or journal.

#3 – Minimalist Bedding

Keeping it simple and minimal with crisp white bedding and a warm light gold four post frame. This tranquil and inviting space is perfect for someone with a love for neutral colours and simplicity.

#4 – Lighting Solutions
Combine functionality with aesthetics for this well-lit and romantic way to decorate your four poster bed frame. The soft glow of fairy lights or dimly lit bulbs not only act as visually pleasing décor but also provide additional lighting in your bedroom. Be able to wind down in low lighting or feel like you’re falling asleep under the stars every night.

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