Don’t Buy A Kids Ride On Car Until You Read This!

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:5 February 2018 

Introducing our amazing range of electric ride on cars; battery operated toys that are recharged at the power point for your pre-schooler.  Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle sells a diverse range of cheap ride on toys, including kids ride on cars and kids ride on motorbikes. 

If you have space, you can let kids ride their toy car inside.  However, they are ideal outdoor toys, driven around your yard or in a park where there is space to enjoy the freedom.  Imagine being a three year old and having a car just like mum or dad, and driving around with the wind blowing through your hair.  They can imagine they are a grown up, driving to the shops, or driving to kinder for a day of fun.

Offering a wonderful variety of styles and budgets when it comes to our kids toys at Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle, you will be pleasantly surprised that you are able to buy now, pay later so that your kids can start to enjoy driving around their outdoor play area straight away. Afterpay kids ride on cars and all you need to do is wait for our fast delivery and pay your purchase off over time, interest free!  How good is that when you need a kids gift and you dont have the cash up front.  In addition to Afterpay, Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle offer multiple secure payment options, including PayPal, credit card using the PayPal Gateway, Bank Transfer and you can now zipPay kids ride ons as well.  

Following are a few pointers to consider as you choose the best ride on car or ride on motorbike.

  • Look at the measurements of the kids ride on cars and compare sizes with that of your child.  Ideal ages for the ride on cars are between two and four, though older children may still fit, it could be uncomfortable.  If your child is taller than average, be aware that leg space may just be a little uncomfortable.
  • At the time of writing this blog, Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle does not sell any two seater vehicles.  While some of our 24v ride on toys have more power, and while they appear to be two seaters, they are still designed for one child.  This may change in the future and we may source some two seater models, please read the description to determine if this is the case.  We do have customers who have purchased one of our more powerful 24v kids ride on cars and managed to fit two small children in the seat, however this is not how the car has been designed. 
  • Battery voltage and motor wattage normally determines the weight limit and speed of the ride on car.  For safety reasons, the cars will rarely be designed to go faster than a good walking pace of 3-8km per hour, depending on the weight of the child.  Check the description and compare with other models on our site.
  • For parental peace of mind we sell ride on remote control cars.  Each car has an adult remote override control to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.
  • Safety is at the forefront of our minds when we choose cheap kids toys, the cars include other safety features such as a seatbelt and suspension on the wheels to ensure a gentle ride.
  • We have also chosen models that including other fun features such as flashing lights, sounds and you can even play music on the built in stereo via Bluetooth.  Many of the modern delights we have in our own cars are replicated in the pre-schooler size battery operated cars.
  • Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle sell a choice of classic and luxury car brands, including Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, BMW, Bentleys and also Fords, Volkswagens, Range Rovers and Jeeps.

Once you have determined the best ride on car for your child, there will be so many hours of outside fun for your little one.  Check out other ways your children can enjoy playing outside with our range of kids toys and outdoor play equipment.

We’d love to see your kids in action enjoying our toys and hear your reviews on Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle.  Be sure to tag us on social media and show us your style. 



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