Buy The Best Bar Stools Australia

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:4 May 2021 

Buy The Best Bar Stools Australia

Before you buy the best bar stools Australia has to offer, define your needs and style. Are you designing an ambience in a bar area, adding somewhere to sit at the breakfast bar or kitchen bench, or looking for additional seating with a casual vibe for your home? Once you have your style and colouring in mind, the question is, 'Where is the best place to shop furniture online? We are here to help.


How High?

At the beginning of your search for the best furniture for your home, you'll need to measure the height of your benches or bar table. You'll want to fit adult legs comfortably under the bench or table when in the sitting position. How tall do you want your barstools? Remove guesswork. Measure bench height. You are allowing around 30cm from under the counter bench to the top of the seat. 


If you are looking to increase the seating in your home and don't have anything to compare sizes with, you have flexibility in the height. Generally speaking, the typical height will be about 65cm, but this can vary. Of course, you can always choose one with an adjustable height, which should solve the problem. If you are seating younger family members or those of us short in stature, then a shorter stool is the go, and for taller people, a taller chair is the answer.


Bar Stools with Backs

Bar Stools with backs are an option to consider. Your choices will be seemingly endless, but it is vital to decide on the features of your seating. Choosing a bar stool with back to support you as you sit may add comfort if you'll be seated for extended periods. You'll have added support which will lead to a better posture. If you are seating kids, the support will provide stability and prevent them from falling backwards – we all know they won't sit still for too long, don't we!


On the other side of the fence are the supporters of backless stools. Often backless stools will stack easily, and they take up less space, so they can be pushed underneath the counter when not in use.


Storing Furniture when Not in Use

We have touched on the convenience of stacking chairs and stools. Stools with backs may stack; it depends on their legs and design. Stacking them can be a space-saving way of storing furniture when not in use. Backless stools are often easier to stack, as there is no back to contend with, but this still does depend on the legs. Regardless of the style you choose, you'll mostly be tucking them neatly under the counter, making them look tidy and creating the best traffic flow on your floor space.


Timber Bar Stools

Whether it is the natural look you love or painted wood, timber bar stools under your bench are a solid choice. Natural oak and beech woods provide light aesthetics, compared to the darker tones of mahogany that will give more of a vintage look.

Of course, you'll pay more for teak stools and natural materials, but the quality is supreme. Manufactured wooden stools are just as stylish and often a cheaper option. 


Rattan Bar Stools

We've seen the trend of natural materials, neutral tones and the blend of rattan furniture infiltrate every room of the house. That rattan bar stools grace many homes supports this. One of the most in-demand categories this year means that rattan furniture is a taste ubiquitous in homes around Australia when it comes to every room of the house. When opting for a beach style or modern boho style of furniture, rattan bar stools combine texture, neutral tones, quality natural materials with function. Rattan furniture continues to be a winning combination.


Industrial Style Bar Furniture

Another contemporary trend in Australian homes is industrial style furniture, where natural materials such as wood or leather merge with steel, stone or concrete. The most common look for industrial style bar furniture is metal legs with a wooden seat or tabletop. Industrial style bar furniture is modern and striking and works well in a home bar set up, inside or outside.


Upholstered Bar Stools

Linen upholstery is a more formal style, while leather and PU leather can look great in all settings. Furniture designers will generally pad upholstered furniture for comfort. Families often choose PU leather upholstered barstools as they are easy to care for, a wipe with a clean and damp cloth will keep them clean, and padding to protect little bodies.

Seat styles, padded or not, rounded or square, are all options of all kinds. Sometimes you have the opportunity for a footrest; sometimes, you don't. What are must-have features that you look for when choosing the best bar furniture?


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