Bedroom Ideas: Save Time & Money with Affordable Room Décor Ideas

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:6 February 2019 

Bedroom Ideas: Save Time & Money with Affordable Room Décor Ideas

A quick guide to bedroom ideas that will save you time and money with planning and if done right will allow you to have a refreshing sleep.  With proper sleep we can start the day right and achieve all that needs to be done without exhausting ourselves.  Bedroom furniture and décor all contribute to the ultimate place of refuge and rest for us, so when it comes time to update with new room décor ideas, planning is a great start.

Inspired with Bedroom Ideas? Clean First

Tempting as it is to jump in head first to shopping for what you want to make your bedroom ideas come to life, the first thing you should do is clean.  Bedroom furniture and any bedroom décor all need to give us enjoyment and help us relax.  This is a very personal thing as we all have varying tastes, but when working within the constraints of a budget to put your bedroom ideas into action, the first thing you should do is surprisingly not purchase a new white sheet set, or bedside tables.  Firstly, look around the room and remove anything that does not belong there. Return books on your nightstand to the book shelf, hang or fold clothes and return them to the wardrobe and give everything a good clean.  If you are feeling really motivated, check out Marie Kondo on Netflix or grab one of her books such as “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” to help you in your quest.

How good does the bedroom look now?  How do you feel about it?  What do you think is missing? 

This first step has saved you money.  Already the sleeping area will feel better and you may find that accumulating more is not the answer.   

Start Small with Room Décor Ideas

Start small, you may only need one or two things to give your bedroom a whole new look.  A fresh quilt cover set is a good start at bringing your room décor ideas to life.  If you have theme or colour in mind, you can work to coordinate your bedroom décor and furniture style.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture does not always have to be from the same range and be ‘matchy-matchy’.  Often a strong feature piece of furniture will be softened and look better with a complementary piece.  For example, a black metal bed frame is striking and looks amazing but add a neutral coloured or wooden bedside table and you have created a unique and modern look.  We love the combination of the Jessica Bed Frame coordinating with a small bedside table such as a simple wood barrel stool.

Bedroom Storage

Often storage for the bedroom is in short supply, so investigating options for bedroom storage is a good idea.  Save space with a gas lift storage bed frame, which has room to store bedding or clothing underneath but externally looks like a traditional bed frame.  Inside Outside offers an abundant choice of styles and colours for these bed frames, as well as bed frames with drawers and beds with space underneath to put your own storage boxes.  If space allows, a blanket box or storage ottoman is another place where you can store unused bedding and pillows and is a classy decorator piece that can also function as a seat in your bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas: Save with a Bed Frame from Inside Outside

If you decide to update your bed, perhaps moving from a single bed to a queen bed for example, remember to factor in the price of a queen bed mattress.  As all bed frames have different sizes, it is a good idea to check the queen bed measurements against the size of the queen mattress to ensure you are getting a mattress that is the correct height against the headboard of the bed.  Save time and money by checking these measurements before you order, we are happy to help with any enquires to make sure you find the best bed.

With many styles of bed to create your dream bedroom, Inside Outside saves you time and money, you can zipPay or Afterpay bed frames for the sake of a balanced budget for your bedroom update.  We work hard to get your bed dispatched quickly, so you can sleep now and pay later.

Further Bedroom Inspiration

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