Advantages of Metal Bed Frames and How You Can Make Full Use of Them

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:19 February 2019 

When it comes time to choose a new bed, you can be overwhelmed. This post looks at the benefits of metal beds available for purchase at Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle.

Metal bed frames have graced many homes over generations past, but we are seeing a rise in popularity that has come with new emphasis on home styling and creating a bedroom that people like and share on Instagram or Facebook.

When the time comes that you must replace your old uncomfortable bedding, or you are ready to update bedroom furniture such as your bed frame, there is more to consider than just its size, comfort level and price.

A quality bed frame is essential to support your new mattress, it will protect your bedding and give a refresh to the look and style of your bedroom. Choose the right bed frame that correctly fits your mattress and add a decorative touch to your bedroom to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Your mattress height should allow the bed head to be easily seen and balanced in dimensions.  A lovely plush pillow top or euro top mattress that is high loft will require a taller headboard to give the best view of the frame above the bedding when it is all made up.

Choosing the best bed online can be daunting, with so much choice and you may be wondering, why do I go for a metal frame bed?

What are the advantages of a metal bed frame? Which style will suit your personality? style? size of mattress and even size and configuration of your sleeping quarters?

Advantages of Metal Beds

When choosing bedroom furniture, particularly your bed, consider the benefits that you will enjoy when you choose one of the metal beds from Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle.

Metal framed beds offer the advantages of durability, convenience, style, and affordability.

Durable Bed Frames

Our metal bed frames use steel as their primary material, making them extremely durable and long lasting.  Strong foundational support is given to carry the weight of the mattress, bedding and of course anyone who is lucky enough to be sleeping on it.  The frame withstands heavy weight and movement.  We love long lasting furniture because it means we don’t have to keep replacing high ticket items, until we are ready for a change of scenery in the bedroom.

Convenience of Metal Beds

When you first receive your delivery of the bed in a box, assembly is a breeze.  Simple instructions are included, and you can quickly and easily build the bed, or when life demands it, dissemble and reassemble in a new location.  They are also reasonably light, making reorganizing our bedroom easy to do alone.

In our time poor world, it is always a good thing when we can save time on cleaning and caring for our home, metal bed frames are easy to dust, or wipe clean with a damp cloth.  No polishing or chemicals are required.  If you are a fan of rearranging furniture on a regular basis (like me), you will appreciate the convenience of easy to move bedroom furniture.

Stylish Bed Frames

Our metal beds come in a selection of styles, colours and sizes.  With imagination, our stylish bed frames can create a contemporary guest bedroom, fun kids’ bedroom, dramatic boho style bedroom or even call on the romance of yesteryear with an ornate bed frame. 

With the benefits of affordability, convenience and style in mind, they make great additions to bedroom furniture when you first move out of home into your first apartment too.

Metal bed frames are not expensive

Save money with a bed that will last.  Affordability is perhaps one of the best reasons one may opt to go for frames of metal; they are reasonably priced, and delivery is included meaning you save even more money when you buy online.  As they offer sturdy support and will last for years, you won’t have to deep into your pocket anytime soon for a replacement.

Metal bed frames to suit home décor styling 

The shape of the pipework or steel in our beds is not the only option; with colour and texture options also available.  Most styles come in black as well as white, but certain styles also come in colours such as gold or silver, gloss or matte.  With the availability of such choices, it is a matter of finding the most suitable for your style.

The frame is just the beginning, add bedroom décor to create a beautiful room to rest and refresh.  Some fairy lights strategically draped over the canopy of your four poster bed, a leafy garland woven on the bed head, matching or complementary bedside tables and tallboys and don’t forget fresh new bedding, a quality sheet set and quilt cover to bring even more beauty into the room.

Regardless of whether you're searching for a black bed frame, a white bed frame, a four poster bed frame to allow for a canopy or some other style altogether, you'll be spoiled for choice online at Inside Outside Store, your online destination for furniture and bed frames Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and most of Australia.  Shop our range today!

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