8 Great Ideas to Help You Furnish Your Living Room Under $1k That Your Friends Will Love

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:12 January 2019 

8 Great Ideas to Help You Furnish Your Living Room Under $1k That Your Friends Will Love

With proper research and planning, it is possible to furnish your living room for under $1k.  Updating your living room furniture, setting up house or starting over need not be expensive.  There are ways to save time and money while at the same time curating furniture and home décor that are both cost effective and stylish. With budget as a consideration, we have prepared some tips and tricks to help you save while furnishing a room you love.  Add some DIY creativity or items you already have, and you will see the room grow into a comfortable living space before your eyes and you will enjoy the admiration of all your hard work when friends visit.

This blog post is written assuming that you are starting from scratch, that you have no furniture in the room, and you need to start somewhere – our most expensive item is the largest item, a sofa.  Continue reading and check out our image to see how you can create a stylish living room under a thousand dollars.

Grey Fabric Sofa Bed

We have chosen a sofa bed, enabling you to use the space for overnight visitors just as day by day use. Family or friends will value a comfortable bed when they stay over. A neutral toned sofa will enable you to look over a scope of home decor styles for your living room furniture. Utilizing linens and whites, with some blue or beige colourings you have a Hamptons Style impact, or including blacks, greys and whites together focusses on a monochrome style. We used neutral greys and then went for a pop of colour in the cushions or other décor pieces.  This Fabric Sofa Bed is affordable and compact, which makes it perfect if you are furnishing a small living room, like in an apartment or a second loungeroom.  This grey fabric sofa also features light wooden tones on the legs, giving a scandi feel to the furniture, which has been carried through on other items in our affordable curated furniture for inside your home.

Boho Macramé Style Wall Hanging

Add some interest to the walls with wall art.  For most of us, Picasso is out of our price range, but there are so many great options to allow your creativity and flair for design to show through.  A textured macramé or woven wall hanging is a popular choice as people are loving the boho and tribal scene.  Save even more if you are creative with some splashes of paint in your accent colours on a blank canvas.  Or frame a series of family photos in simple white photo frames.

Bolero Cushion

Cushions are a practical addition to your living room or lounge room décor; they add a splash of colour as well as enhance your comfort as you are sitting on the sofa reading a book or watching TV.  The bolero cushion we selected is available in several colours, we added pine lime to really wow the living room with colour.

Weatherproof Outdoor Mat Floor Rug

Think outside the box and save with affordable furniture and décor – this floor rug is purposed for use outdoors, we have simply arranged it inside to give your floor coverings a bit of a bang.  The monochrome floor rug will protect your flooring while adding a striking feature to your home décor.  This is also great if you have kids, it is weatherproof, made from recycled straws and will be an added layer of protection against spills and dirt.

Foldable Seagrass Baskets

We love these two-tone seagrass baskets because they are so practical.  They look great lined up, or you can strategically place them around the room for a repetitive feature.  Add an indoor plant – one of our artificial plants will save you worrying about watering it.  The baskets can be folded, so you can show off the two tones, or just go for the one tone exposed.  Also, great to store remote controls, rugs & cushions or a few of the kid’s toys. 

White Coffee Side Table

Go minimalist with this Scandinavian style table, use it as a side table or place in the centre of your living room to use as a central coffee table.  Continuing the theme of the Scandi influences of the sofa bed, this small white table is the perfect spot for your book or coffee cup and plate of cookies.  Or if you are more disciplined and don’t eat in your living room, a framed photo or some scented candles add ambience to the atmosphere of your room.

White Cube Display Cabinet Bookshelves

Save space with this practical display shelf with two cupboards to help keep your living room tidy.  Perfect to store books, DVDs or CDs along with your stereo and potentially it can be used as a small tv unit with careful arrangement. 

Artificial Grass Plant

Adding green to your living room seems to bring it to life, even if it’s not a real plant.  The benefits of artificial plants are that they are easy to maintain, they don’t require water, and anyone can succeed with them.  While there is something to be said for a live indoor plant thriving in your loungeroom, not all of us have been blessed with a green thumb; artificial plants are a great alternative that give the same aesthetic.

Afterpay Furniture Online

It would be remiss of us not to mention you can save even more when you Afterpay furniture online at Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle.  If you are on a budget, chances are it would be a massive help to buy furniture on Afterpay as you have opportunity to buy it now, have it now and pay for it later.  Afterpay involves four fortnightly payments to cover the purchase of your cheap furniture and home decor.  To Afterpay furniture online, simply select that payment plan at checkout and either create an Afterpay account, or log into your Afterpay to complete the transaction.

Furniture with Free Delivery

Another benefit of shopping online with Inside Outside is that you buy our furniture with free delivery to 95% of Australia.  For the postcodes that are not covered in this offer, there is usually only a minimal delivery fee, based on your location.

Cheap Furniture Inside and Outside

Feeling inspired? These suggestions can get your creative juices flowing and help your imagination plan your cheap living room furniture.  With the motivation of saving cash, check our range of indoor furniture as well as outdoor furniture at great prices.  Your friends love will the curated living room with cheap furniture inside your home. 

Inside Outside has all you need, to illustrate our scope, we sell the kitchen sink for those passionate about DIY & renovation.  We are one store with more!  Renovate, furnish your home, buy toys for the kids, update your garden or set up a garden shed.  We have quality products that are priced for every budget.  While this post has been themed around creating a living space under $1000, we can add another zero using more premium products, all sourced from www.insideoutsidestore.com.au

Why not browse and start planning today!

We succeeded in selecting décor and living room furniture for under a thousand dollars, see our calculations below, prices valid as of 12-01-2019. (but may be subject to change) Total Spent: $872.56

  1. 3-Seater Fabric Sofa Bed – Grey ($435.80)
  2. Yadira Wall Hanging 35 x 70cm ($49.95)
  3. Bolero Cushion Filled 30 x 50cm Pine Lime (39.95)
  4. Outdoor Pp Mat Weatherproof Outdoor Floor Rug Cross $62.30
  5. Set of 3 Two Tone Foldable Seagrass Baskets Natural/White $99.96
  6. Artiss Living Room Furniture Round Side Coffee Table White ($56)
  7. Artiss 6 Cube Display Shelf Bookcase 2 Doors Storage Cabinet White ($89)
  8. Wild Artificial Grass Plant 70cm ($39.60)





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