7 Ways to Organise Your Home

Author: Lara Blanco   Date Posted:3 October 2019 

7 Ways to Organise Your Home 


Your home is an oasis. But with clothes on the bedroom floor, a messy wardrobe and kids toys on the living room floor, it certainly won’t feel that way. Some simple organisation tricks can take your house from drab to fab without too much hassle or stress. Pay close attention as we dish out seven ways to organise your home.


1. Use storage ottomans

Whoever came up with the storage ottoman is a genius! These nifty pieces of furniture are especially helpful if you’re living in a small space. More than a stylish addition to your home, but they’re also a serious space-saving hack that will help you get organised. You can use storage ottomans as a part of your couch set in the living room or at the end of your bed. Use it to store extra blankets, sheets or even clothes. The best part is that no-one will ever know something is inside, and they look good! Just don’t forget to tell your cleaner about this secret so that they can make most of this storage hack as well.  For kids, a toy box also does the trick.


2. Consider a storage bed

Like the ottomans, storage beds are another ingenious idea. These beds either have drawers or lift up to reveal an entire storage box. A bed frame with drawers or a gas lift storage bed is an excellent option if you live in a tiny apartment and space is a squeeze! Pack away your off-season clothing, swimwear or other less used items.


3. Add baskets in the lounge room

You could use these for storing throws and blankets when you’re not using them, or for keeping kids toys and dogs toys packed away. Straw or seagrass baskets are a trendy option at the moment and look beautiful in the home.


4. Add a shoe rack to your front door

You want to make a good impression on the entry of your house. But you can’t do this if every family member’s shoes are lying around the front door. Solve this problem with a shoe rack. Place a small two-tier rack inside your door and ask everyone to store their most-used shoes there. This will not only keep your entryway looking good but will stop dirt and grime spreading through your home.


5. Clean regularly

Don’t leave cleaning until your house is a shambles. Keep one step ahead by tidying daily. This is as simple as putting something back as soon as you’ve used it. Place blankets into baskets, rearrange lounge pillows, make the bed, unstack the dishwasher as soon as it’s finished, put your shoes away, and hang your coat back up instead of draping it over furniture. Wipe down bathroom sinks after using them, remove excess moisture from the shower doors with a window scraper and wipe down the kitchen benches and tables after preparing and eating meals. These simple acts will keep your place looking sparkling throughout the week. When it comes time for your regular deep cleans, you’ll find you’ve got less to do! If you have a cleaner, this also makes it much easier for them. Your cleaner can spend more time focusing on the areas that need the most attention, without wasting time on surface-level tidying.


6. Organise the kitchen pantry

The kitchen pantry is one of the most used yet disorganised areas of the home. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Give your pantry the makeover it needs by first getting rid of all of your old and outdated items. Then use containers and canisters to store food. Lastly, individually label all of your containers, so you know exactly what’s in them.


7. Categorise your wardrobe

Getting dressed is an essential part of your every-day routine; however, more often than not, your wardrobe is probably a mess. Sorting your wardrobe will hugely improve the organisation of your home. Start by culling everything you no longer wear. Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method will provide you with some serious inspiration to get you started. Give away clothes you no longer use to charity or friends, then coordinate your closet in categories, so you know where to find everything. Finally, use drawer dividers and containers to keep smaller items in place.


We hope these seven tips have inspired you to organise your home so it can be a space you truly love. We'd love to hear your view. Tell us your suggestions or ideas in the comments section below!

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