4 Ways to Save Creating Hamptons Kitchen in a Rental

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:2 April 2019 

4 Ways to Save Creating Hamptons Kitchen in a Rental

Recently I read an intriguing piece on the characterizing qualities of kitchens that have a style impact reminiscent of the Hamptons Coast and it made me think.

What about when we rent?  What can we do to bring our own style into the kitchen?  How might we modernize one of the busiest rooms in the house, all the time understanding that this is not our property so we can’t make structural changes or invest into improving someone else’s asset?  How do we portray the stylish impact of the Hamptons in our kitchen, while at the same time saving money and making simple changes that do not break conditions on our rental agreement?

Following are a few proposals on how you can give your rental kitchen an update in Hamptons style without burning through cash on another person's benefit. Toward the finish of the rent, just disassemble your additions and convey them to your next home.

  1. Create Bright Light Atmosphere

Hamptons style is a reference to light sunny days on the coast.Use lots of whites and pastel colours in your kitchen décor.If you have permission, paint the walls a fresh white to give the impression of more space.Keep curtains or blinds open to allow sunlight into your kitchen.Use white or pastel matching kitchen appliances and some fresh tea towels or hand towels to show off your favourite colour palette.Timber chopping boards or even seagrass baskets are another way to bring your brighter style into the kitchen.

  1. Marble touches

While you are not going to want to tile the kitchen to create your theme, large white tiles can be effective placemats or serving platters, while marble cheese boards or a combination of wood and marble are opulent touches that bring a luxurious coastal style to your kitchen.  Choosing the right serving board means that you won’t need to store it in your cupboards out of sight, give it the additional role of providing a decorative touch to your kitchen décor.

  1. Nautical Lights

Bring the feel of a ship sailing the coast to your kitchen with strategically placed nautical lights.  Depending on the style you already have in your kitchen, you can replace a light shade, or tactically place a lamp to fashion your desired look.  Be conscious of keeping the old kitchen lights you are replacing, when you move, you will want to put them back for your landlord and take your beautiful Hamptons décor with you.  If you can, add large pendant lights.  Large pendant lights that feature metal framing with glass have an industrial edge are great.  The solid look of steel adds an industrial influence that shouts back to the lighting on large steel ships at sea.

  1. Shaker Doors & Industrial Handles

When you are renting, you don’t have the power to change the kitchen storage style.  However, if you are lucky enough to have attractive and sturdy cupboards, you may be able to replace the handles with a solid industrial style to evoke the impression of a nautical theme.   Many kitchens lack storage, so you can add Hamptons cupboards featuring Shaker doors which will add to your theme and are easily portable when you move.  Hamptons style cupboards are available in several sizes and configurations to fit your needs.

Additionally, a kitchen island trolley bench is a convenient addition to a kitchen that lacks bench space.  The wheels on the trolley bench mean that you can easily move the bench to a corner of the kitchen when not in use, but also benefit from additional storage space.

So, as you can see, inspiration with imagination leads to a fresh look in your kitchen that will easily move when you do.  Save thousands of dollars on getting the look you want, when you can buy these affordable kitchen storage solutions and Hamptons decor online at Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle. 

Affordable because delivery is free.  Affordable because we offer convenient payment schedules so you can Afterpay furniture or put your furniture on zipPay.  Affordable because we offer great prices on quality products, all with the assurance of our 12 month warranty.

Do you have other style ideas to give your rental property the look of your forever home on a budget?  Do you have cheap ideas to update your kitchen in your forever home so it will look amazing without having to renovate?  We’d love to hear.



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