10 Design Tips For a Fun and Lively Kid's Bedroom

Author: Kym Wallis   Date Posted:28 September 2019 

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When it’s time for your child to have his or her bedroom it can be exciting for both of you, but how best to design one that’s lively and full of fun and one that suits their personality? Regardless of whether your kid is a newborn, a toddler or a teenager, creating the most creative bedroom for your child is no walk in the park; it has to be functional and stylish and withstand whatever your child does in it.  


Be bold, be brave, use your imagination and your child’s if they’re old enough to have an input, so let your child have a say, ask them what they want, choose their favourite colour. Ask what theme they want to incorporate into the design. The child’s bedroom is their space, a sanctuary where they can let their imaginations run free, but the room should also be practical. 


The theme can be expensive or not; it could be a costly exercise or an affordable one, and you might be thinking ‘how much can I borrow?’ to pay for all of this, so plan a budget. You might be able to build on what you have and go from there, or you could start from scratch. Remember, as your child grows, their tastes and needs will change. But for now, here are some tips:


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1. Use Cheerful, Coloured Curtains or Blinds

Choose (with your child’s consent) tasteful curtains that are bright and cheerful and reflect your child’s favourite things such as the sea, animals, favourite Play School or cartoon characters, or plain colours if they prefer. The colours in the curtains or blinds should blend in with the room’s theme, and bright colours can give the bedroom a sharper, cleaner look. 


2. Use Toy Boxes and Toys as Decor

Your child’s toys are colourful and come in different shapes and sizes, so why not use them as part of the bedroom’s decor? You can save storage space by putting up some hooks on the wall or the back of the door to hang large toys and add some shelves for the smaller ones. Consider travel trunks for toys that can also be a bedside table, or how about doll house-shaped bookcases, drawers like school lockers, or simple, coloured storage buckets inspired by a favourite animal. 


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3. Paints and Prints

Bedroom walls should be painted in happy colours, bright and cheerful and you can combine it with some prints. You can paint cupboards and wardrobes, chests of drawers and blanket boxes in different shades that complement the main colour scheme. Bright wallpaper can be featured on one wall or use a fun mural. Chalkboard paint is terrific, and it comes in different colours to complement the décor. Your child can draw on it, or if older, use it as a planner or diary.


4. Fabrics

Bedding fabrics can match the curtains or the room’s theme. You can mix and match comforters, sheets, and pillowcases for more variety. You can even add a rainbow bean bag and extra cushions and pillows to add some colour and excitement.


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5. Ceiling Decorations

As your child is lying in bed, it can add some interest if you decorate the ceiling, perhaps with something they love that glows in the dark. Even some stars and the moon could give them a sense of peacefulness so they can quickly drop off to sleep.


6. Make it Educational

As your child grows, their room has to grow with them. If you now have a five-year-old girl who wants purple fairy wallpaper on every wall, and purple fairies absolutely everywhere, you should realise that in another three years purple fairies might be a bit blasé and things will have to change again. So it’s best to keep the fairies to a minimum, say, a doona cover and a few purple fairy decals stuck on cupboards and make the bedroom as educational as you can. An alphabet rug, or times tables on the wall in bright colours. Books, maps of the world, Australia, numbers up to 10 so they learn to count, and a clock with big hands. 


7. Decorate with Photographs

You can make the child’s bedroom feel more like it’s their very own space if you use photographs of their happiest times, whether they were on holidays, their first pony ride, their birthday parties and such. Also, include any achievements, awards, ribbons or medals won at school, in their sport or after-school activities. You can frame the photographs in various sizes and make an accent wall. 


8. Use Clever Storage

In a child’s bedroom, storage is a significant requirement to make sure the clutter and mess don’t get out of hand. Make it fun and have your child decide which storage tub or box their things have to go. If it’s their idea, it will make it easier to teach them to be organised and put toys and books and things back where they belong when they’ve finished playing. Some great storage ideas double as furnishings, like low-level bookcases that become seating areas and toy boxes that become desks.  


9. Floor Coverings

Since your child will no doubt play on the floor, you ought to choose a durable floor covering that won’t stain, or harbour allergens. Rubber mats are good, and things won’t break on them if your child drops something. A colourful rug that cleans easily is also recommended.


10. Use a Lampshade

Lampshades and night lights can add to the ambience of any bedroom, and your children are no exception. Shades come in so many designs and styles from the alphabet to Zebras, and everything in between. Give your child a chance to pick the one they prefer. 

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