Make Your Decor Pop with Beautiful & Practical Scandinavian Furniture

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:29 June 2018 

Creating a beautiful living space can be an on-going challenge. Your sense of style may change over time, and so too might the way you want to use a specific space in your home.

That said; to create a space that you can adapt to your preferred style and intended use for a space in your home over time, it’s important to invest in classic pieces of furniture that are practical, uncluttered, simplistic and beautiful.

And there is nothing more classic and timeless than the sleek minimalism of Scandinavian Design.

Scandinavian Designs that Pair with Any Style for Any Room

Scandinavian design is timeless and extremely popular because you can build almost any style around it. Our line of Scandinavian designs feature oaken hues with white and grey accents. The earthy, neutral tones and clean lines blend easily into many different styles. It’s also a great choice to make the central focus of a room, using smaller decorative items to create an additional flare.

Create a Chic and Functional Living Space

There’s a certain kind of sense behind the light and airy look of Scandinavian design. There is limited sunshine in Nordic and Scandinavian countries and the design aesthetic actually arose from a need to bring more brightness into the home when the days are short. That’s why it makes such a great accent; it can brighten up any space so beautifully without overpowering it.

Suggestions for a Lounge Room

Scandinavian design is great for large living room furniture. The understated elegance of minimalist design keeps bigger items from becoming the only part of the room people notice and it also saves on space without sparing comfort or usefulness.

The Scandi Style TV Unit Entertainment Stand is both functional and eye-catching. It can hold a large television and several small electronics, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space. This allows you more room for storage, seating, and all those things that help make living a little more pleasant!

Pair it with this exclusive Scandinavian inspired 4 drawers sideboard for a statement look that will stand out immediately whilst still having the added benefit of blending in with practically any colour scheme.

Elegant Organisation

Style never comes at the cost of purpose with Scandi design. That’s why it makes for excellent organisational pieces. There is a level of resourcefulness to Scandinavian design that makes for interesting storage solutions. Whether it’s a series of shelving perfectly bisected by a cabinet, or a shoe storing cabinet that looks like a common drawer, the beauty and functionality of this furniture is truly a delight.

Suggestions for a Toilet

When it comes to designing your home, it’s essential that you get the bathroom right. These are often the smallest spaces in a home, but there’s a lot that needs to be stored neatly. Scandinavian furniture often offers good storage that fits into small spaces and pieces such as the Scandi Style Display Shelves Cabinet provide a stylish answer to organising when you’re tight on space.

Dining on Design

As the heart of your home, is your kitchen and the dining room table is often used for so much more than just sharing meals.  However, many apartments only leave a small area for dining and some even combine dining spaces with lounge areas or the kitchen.

In such a combined space, it is essential not to have heavy or dominating furniture. The light, sun-evoking style of Scandinavian design is a perfect solution.

The leggy design of Scandinavian furniture makes it an excellent choice for a dining room set and the neat, angled lines turn simplicity into something more delicate and refined. This Scandinavian Style 4 Seater Dining Table is a good example of how this small design detail can make a big difference.

Scandinavian Design Balances Style and Functionality so Perfectly

Built from sturdy, solid wood and designed to delight the eye; Scandinavian furniture is a perfect balance between style and functionality. Check out our line of Scandi furniture and begin brainstorming your next design project today!

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