Helping You Choose the Best Autumn Winter Indoor Furniture

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:22 March 2018 

As the autumn approaches and we start to turn our attention from outside to inside, you may be thinking about replacing some of your indoor furniture. 

This year, the hottest indoor furniture trends are based around comfort and colour, with curvier and rounder shapes that are designed to cocoon you in style making an appearance. 

The whole emphasis of this year’s furniture is on making your home an inviting sanctuary but without compromising on glamour. 

So, let’s have a look at the best autumn and winter indoor furniture ideas that are expected to be huge this year...  

Embrace your curves

Forget about stark geometric shapes as it’s time to embrace your curves with some feel-good curvy furniture. This year’s furniture designs will give you a feeling of security with well padded pieces that remind you of bubbles, nests or clouds helping to create that ultimate cocoon-like experience. 

Seating arrangements are set to become big and fluffy with seats that fold and swivel to enable you to find the most comfortable position. 

Seamless storage

Storage will be unobtrusive and yet a design feature in itself. Think whole walls of storage with space for display items, TVs and books, and airy room dividers that break up large open spaces while accommodating your entertainment system and other essentials. 

Coffee tables remain simple and classic with smoothly curved wood frames that effortlessly support glass, lacquered, marble or wooden tops, and fit easily into any contemporary setting. 

Invest in neutrals

Grey is still the new black and this trend shows no sign of disappearing just yet. However, some of the lighter pearl and dove greys will be replaced with darker tones of liquorice and anthracite, which are almost black in appearance. 

If these shades seem too dark for your colour scheme, try using them as an accent colour alongside white or cream to create a strong monochromatic look without losing the effect of peace and calm. 

Add global colour and texture

While minimalism and neutral colours are still very much on trend, especially in terms of large pieces of furniture, we’ll see a shift towards the natural and rustic colours for accessories. Think global by offsetting your neutral scheme with coloured and textured baskets, wood, feathers, and leather. 

Love glamour? Vintage glamour is the way forward

If you’ve made your home into a glamorous haven with mirrors, jewel tones, metallics and velvets, you may want to tone this down a little to create more of a vintage look. 

Think more muted tones, soft velvets in dusty pinks and greens, highlights in satin gold, a little fading on the mirrors and softer burnished metallic sheens rather than all-out space-age metallics to create a soft and understated look that’s as comfortable as it looks. 

Botanical and jungle themes

You’re not expected to create a jungle in your home but the jungle and botanical look will remain a popular choice for many homeowners this autumn and winter. 

Shades of green such as bright emerald or a more muted olive or khaki can be used as accent colours or even to create a signature piece of furniture, while botanical prints and designs can be used to great effect for soft furnishings including upholstery and window dressings. 

Botanical designs are also a great choice for wallpaper (particularly when used as a feature wall) while real plants and artificial plants will keep the theme throughout the room and blur the divide between indoors and outdoors. 

Keep it light

One way to incorporate new interior design trends into your home without spending a fortune is to invest in new lighting. From table and standard lamps to wall and ceiling lights, new light fixtures are a great way to upgrade your décor without undertaking huge renovations. 

Hot trends in lighting for 2018 include starburst chandeliers, industrial bathroom lighting and rustic style lighting for the kitchen. 

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