Ring in Christmas with New Festive Lights and Accessories

Author: Sarah Shevy  

Are you bored with the same old Christmas decorations? Do you want to create a different look in your home for the 2018 festive season?

While many of us love the idea of getting out the same old traditional Christmas decs year after year, there are others who prefer to go with a new theme every Christmas. Whether you fall into the first category or the second or you sit somewhere in between, buying a few new pieces will keep your Xmas decorations looking fresh and new and, who knows, they may become your new family favourites.

So where should you start this year? Let’s take a look!

Count Down the Days to Xmas

Do you remember the excitement of counting down the days to Christmas with your advent calendar? Don’t leave that pleasure to your kids, get yourself a grown-up advent calendar and get into the festive spirit. There are so many available filled with luxuries such as perfumes, make-up, gin, beer … you name it, and somebody’s probably created it!

Twinkling Fairy Lights Spell Christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without lights, so make sure that you have plenty on hand to create some festive cheer. Today’s LED lights use hardly any electricity, and they’re much safer than the lights of old. Plus, you don’t even need an electrical supply as there are plenty of battery or solar-powered lights on the market which are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. So, spread some sparkle and shine this Yuletide with strings and strings of twinkling Christmas lights and dazzling LED garlands.

Real or Fake? What’s Your Favourite Christmas Tree?

Christmas Trees first became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria when her husband Albert brought the first Christmas tree to Britain. Now it wouldn’t seem like Christmas without a tree of some kind. Whether you prefer the scent and looks of a real tree or you’d rather have an imitation, is all down to personal preference. However, don’t be put off by fake trees; some can look incredibly realistic. Others play on the fact that they’re not real – with upside down trees being a trend amongst some designers.

And don’t forget to add an outdoor tree. Either adorning an existing real tree with shimmering lights or installing an artificial twisty twig tree with integral lighting can add masses of Christmas cheer to your entrance way.

Christmas Wreaths and Candles Create a Celebratory Atmosphere

Christmas carols, mulled wine, wreaths and candles – it’s easy to create a Christmas atmosphere even if the sun is shining outside! Choose a traditional pine wreath decorated with Christmas baubles or bring a seaside theme into your home with a natural driftwood Christmas wreath. And don’t forget that Christmas candles not only look beautiful with their flickering light but if you choose a scented variety, they will fill your home with delicious festive aromas.

Traditional, Modern or Fun?

Christmas is a time for good cheer and for having fun. Whether you prefer elegant themed Christmas décor, or you want to inject some fun and frivolity into the proceedings, there’s never been a better choice of both traditional Christmas decorations, such as snow globes, musical boxes and beautiful glass baubles together with novelty Xmas offerings such as inflatable reindeers, blow-up jolly Santas and light-up metal pink flamingos. Perhaps you want to create an all-white theme with a mystical snow-white unicorn and a pure white display tree dripping with icy white icicles?

But whichever is your preference – be sure to spread a little love and happiness this Christmas with the diverse and unique selection of Christmas decorations at Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle! 

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