The Best Autumn/Winter Outdoor Furniture for Your Garden and Patio

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:22 March 2018 

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that we were planning for summer and now the autumn is fast approaching. Summer may be coming to an end but there’s no need to resign yourself to spending less time in the garden during the autumn and winter months, especially as it’s now possible to buy outdoor furniture that stays looking good all year round. 

Made from tough, long-lasting materials, today’s ranges of outdoor furniture not only look impressive but they have the ability to withstand all kinds of weather so that you can take full advantage of your garden during pleasant autumn and winter days.

Get on Trend with Your Outdoor Furniture

There’s no denying that trends and designs in outdoor furniture have changed significantly in recent years. No longer are we restricted to boring white plastic or green cast iron furniture for our gardens, pool areas and patios. 

Now we can choose from weather-proof designs that look good all year round and this coming year’s designs are no exception. 

Resin Wicker is still one of the most popular choices for outdoor furniture as it comes in so many variations from thick and thin to wide and flat and smooth or textured. 

And while a thick racetrack weave has been one of the most popular choices for the last few years, this is now being overtaken by round or flat medium weaves. 

Sectional or traditional outdoor furniture? 

Many people love the versatility of sectional furniture that can be moved around to create the configuration that’s needed. However, while it does have a practical appeal, many people find that this type of arrangement results in a lot of unusable corner space. 

If you prefer sectional designs, you may want to consider looking for a sectional arrangement with a dining height table rather than the lower coffee table style, as it will give you seating that’s both comfortable and practical for dining. 

What colour will you choose? 

2018 sees the rise of grey outdoor furniture. From the palest greys to dark storm greys, manufacturers are producing both resin wicker and aluminium outdoor furniture in all shades of grey. 

If grey is not your colour of choice, you may want to consider greige – a blend of beige and grey which is more of a taupe colour as it works well in many backyard settings. 

You’ll also find plenty of black outdoor furniture on sale this year as it has the ability to remain looking stylish all year round. 

Of course, all these colours can be brought up to date and in line with your own personal tastes with brightly coloured or natural cushions and accessories. If you prefer mixing your neutral framed furniture with blues and greens, you’ll find that nautical navy is very much on trend this year, while corals and other shades of orangey red will keep your outside areas looking hot as the temperatures cool. 

Mix it up for a truly personal outdoor space

While it makes sense to choose a neutral framed garden set that will last outdoors no matter what the weather may throw at it, injecting personality with your cushions and accessories will help to create a space that’s truly yours. 

When it comes to adding the finishing touches, you can go as wild or as conservative as you like. While a single contrast colour can look sophisticated and elegant, you may want to consider adding a variety or rainbow of colours, or choosing cushions with spots, stripes or abstract patterns. 

One thing is for sure and that’s the more comfortable and inviting your outdoor space looks, the more likely you are to use it all year round. Happy decorating!

Where to Buy the Best Outdoor Furniture

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