6 Tips for Living Large in a Small Bedroom

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:22 March 2018 

When your master bedroom isn’t a mammoth size or as masterful as you would like it to be, it’s easy to feel hard done by. After all, this is the space where we supposedly spend one third of our lives! 

Your bedroom is supposed to be your haven, your relaxing retreat, your getaway, and your personal space. In reality, however, the bedroom is more often than not nothing but a cramped, clunky, cluttered room that’s far from being a relaxing haven. 

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Modern homes and apartments don’t quite offer the massive bedroom sizes of times gone by but that’s ok as you don’t need a luxury home or Victorian mansion to live it large. 

With some clever adjustments, you can make your small bedroom your favourite place in the world.

 Here are our top tips to help you achieve a quick, effective bedroom transformation:

1) Go for Light, Bright Furniture and Fittings

Bright colours create the illusion of a larger space. While you might not feel inclined to add a splash of brightly coloured paints to the walls of your bedroom, there are lots of other ways that you can introduce a pop of colour.

Opt for a bright coloured footstool, light fixtures, bedside tables or shelving and choose bright patterned throws and quilt cover sets.

2) Avoid Chunky, Clunky Items

Oversized dressers and floor to ceiling wardrobes may look great in the movies. However, in your small bedroom, they are simply occupying far more space than they deserve.

You can do without the princess dresser and the gigantic blanket box at the foot of the bed. It’s time to pare things back in the bedroom!

3) Look For Hidden Storage Space

It seems like a no-brainer and a tip that people preach time and time again but you really need to get creative with your storage space. Shoving things in drawers and underneath the bed doesn’t cut it. Maximise the full width of your under bed storage space using storage boxes or under bed shelving.  When you are in the market for a new bed frame, check out our gas lift storage beds or storage beds with drawers as an option for efficient use of space.

Ensure you are also using all available space in your wardrobe. Could you attach a hook for belts and scarves to the inside of the doors? Could you use a bottom drawer for storing accessories? These small changes can eliminate lots of clutter.

4) Use Your Wall Space

Consider whether your electronics can be mounted to the walls as night-lights, speakers, TVs, and even hair appliances can be wall mounted (think hotel room style) to immediately free up space in the bedroom.
Make a rule that books and picture frames should only be stored on wall shelves. When trying to clear space, we are all guilty of focusing solely on floor space yet lots of opportunities exist to maximise use of wall space!  Floating shelves are a great idea for space saving storage or décor options.

5) Mirror, Mirror

Oversized and full-length mirrors aren’t just for vanity purposes; they make excellent additions when trying to create the illusion of a brighter, bigger space.

Reflect the flow of natural light and illuminate the bedroom space by positioning a large mirror in view of natural light. Even the smallest spaces immediately look and feel far bigger when a large mirror is introduced.

6) Get Organised, Stay Organised

Once you’ve got organisers in place in your wardrobe, have fitted shelving for storing items and set up under bed storage, use them! Don’t fall back into old habits after a couple of weeks with books left lying here and there, piles of clothes on the floor, and storage boxes going unused. Disorganisation can take over a small bedroom space and cause chaos so once you re-organise your bedroom space, commit to keeping it that way.

These are all easy adjustments that you can make to maximise space in your small bedroom without breaking the bank. Get going on your bedroom transformation project today!  Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle sell all you need to transform your bedroom into a comfortable retreat to relax in, using space saving and dual purpose furniture and stylish minimalist décor inspiration.  

What is your favourite space saving tip for the bedroom? We’d love to hear your comments.

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