10 Industrial Style Influences to Make Your House A Home

Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:11 September 2018 

When you want to dial it up with your home furniture styling, industrial furniture using rustic stylistic theme is a well-known pattern in 2018 with no sign of the demand moderating at any point in the near future. One of the reasons is that when you focus on rustic industrial styling, you get the added benefit of strong, durable and functional furniture. 

It brings a warmth to your home using rich wooden tones, framed with metal trim. It has an inimitable look that stands out and can be incredibly stylish when harmonized well with compatibly styled pieces. We have compiled a rundown of ideas to inspire you to add industrial style throughout your home.

1. Choose wooden furniture in neutral tones with black metal supports

Neutrally-toned wood is a good choice for industrial styles, with a rustic yet processed feel. Darker metal parts add a robust sense of solidity, and together these two aspects can give a room a strong style.

Types of furniture that use more metal in their design can also help enhance this look, such as bar stools rather than chairs and open-ended shelving.

2. Use pipes as a display feature

Another industrial style is using metal pipes as both features and furniture components. Some designs of wall shelving use piping as supports, which adds a sense of DIY style and stability.

3. Accessorise with industrial style hangings

Other wall hangings and decorations, such as clocks and mirrors, also come in industrial style. Unpolished and pseudo-rusted metal designs give a feeling of both age, strength, beauty, and simplicity.

4. Focus your lighting

Lighting for an industrial style theme can be tricky, but there are several ways to go about it. Bright source lights such as hanging lights or lamps are a good idea. They come in industrial or metalwork designs. Try to have pools of light as a style, with well-cast shadows enhancing the industrial feel. Cage or fretwork covers are good ways to enhance existing light fixtures.

5. Style your home around earth tones

Bright colours generally don’t mix well with the darker tones of industrial styling, except when used very precisely as accents. Try to use darker reds, browns, greens, and greys where possible. Simple off-white works well to offset decorations or furniture too.

6. Pick furniture with wheels, levers, or other mechanisms

Beyond just the colours and materials, industrial furniture often makes use of repurposed mechanical components, such as large screws, bolts, wheels, and clamps. These are often no longer functional to ensure stability of the furniture but add a wonderfully improvised feel.

The Jessica and Monaco metal bed frames are our most popular bed frames that come in black pipework to bring rustic industrial influences to your bedroom.

7. Install lever handles rather than knobs

In the bathroom, using older styles of plumbing is a good idea, with brass or bronze handles for taps and other fixtures. Tiling in darker colours is a good choice, with many modern designs of bathtub and sink that mimic older, metal-based styles while still maintaining modern resilience and hygiene.

8. Decorate with repurposed metal

Many smaller things can be done to enhance a room, with countless designs and decorations aimed at adding a rustic style. Artwork or sculptures from repurposed metal look great. Designs in wire, bolts, chains, and other metal offcuts have a large amount of variability.

9. Select rugs in dark tones

To balance the colder feeling of metal so often present in industrial design, try some darker-toned rugs. Not only can they keep your feet warmer, but a dark splash of colour on a wooden floor can change a room’s feel.

10. Mix in technology

While it might seem that electronics and modern digital equipment will clash with a rustic metal industrial style, there are ways to combine the two. Some electronics come in a darker wooden or metal tone and can blend in with other decor.

An industrial style tv unit with metal features is a great focal point for your living room furniture.  Or, if you’re more DIY minded, mounting electronics in industrial-style housings and furniture can be a fun and rewarding project.

The marriage of wooden tone with metals delivers the DIY Industrial styling revolution, which is tied in with combining a provincial vibe with practical design and structure. It is our expectation that these tips have given you a couple of considerations on how you can bring natural modern industrial tones into your home.

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What is your favourite way to bring industrial style into your home?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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