Author: Sarah Shevy   Date Posted:7 November 2020 

Shop all you need for inside and outside your home today and pay over four instalments. That's the beauty of getting your homewares and furniture on Afterpay at Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle. We signed up in 2017 when we recognised this was a brilliant way for our online shoppers to find what they want and buy it. Buying affordable furniture becomes more accessible, more convenient and more manageable when you can buy now, pay later.

So, what is Afterpay?

Afterpay is brilliant.

Whether you're shopping for d├ęcor, bedding or a bed frame, Afterpay allows you to find it, and then buy it. Click some buttons, place your order, complete the buy now pay later application and your purchase will be on its way to you, while you have the flexibility of paying off this purchase over four equal repayments.

The initial payment comes out on the day of your purchase, and you can't just shop with no money in the bank. This initial payment keeps all of us safe and prevents us from breaking our bank, shopping when we can't pay. It's an added requirement, built in to protect you.

There is plenty of support too, from the mobile app, the call centre and of course, their website. You buy now, pay later with Inside Outside Furnishing and Lifestyle, we dispatch your purchase and then make the payments back directly to Afterpay. It's that simple.

It's a bit like old school lay-by but infinitely better. Back in the day, we'd pay off a purchase and have to wait until we could take it home to enjoy. Now, you need it, and you can get it. Want to shop? Then do so, and as long as you fulfil the approval criteria, you'll complete the transaction, and you can have an exciting new purchase making its way to you before its paid off. Instalments help you plan and prepare finances and help you keep on top of your cost of living.

You can buy a comfortable mattress, stylish bed frame or a birthday gift for someone special this way, making it easier to purchase big things that you may not necessarily plan.

Please browse through our spectacular range of furniture and homewares and make your choice. Found what you want? Select Afterpay, and your order amount divides up into four manageable chunks, it certainly makes updating your bedroom furniture a lot easier. Your budget will thank you for it, that's for sure.

You don't pay interest when you buy now, pay later with Afterpay, and there are no fees for you as long as you make your repayments when they are due. It is win-win for our customers, and they love the availability of the buy now, pay later Australia that Inside Outside has to offer.

How do I use Afterpay?

Suppose you in the market for a garden shed, choose what you are after and add it to the shopping cart. To Afterpay garden sheds, select that as your chosen payment method, you'll be able to arrange the payments to come from your current debit or credit card. The application itself takes just a few seconds, no lengthy forms and references, and then approval is instant.

You'll need to satisfy a few requirements to sign up.

Firstly, you'll need to be the cardholder of an Australian Visa or Mastercard, to make the payments.

Secondly, Live in Australia, with an Australian delivery address and have an email address and Australian mobile number;

Thirdly, You'll need to be over 18;

For the rest of the T's & C's, the website has all you need to know.

Once approved, the shed on Afterpay will be packaged and dispatched for you, and you'll begin to pay it off in segments every two weeks, for four payments.

You'll be opening your parcels in no time while continuing to reduce the amount owing every two weeks until it's done.

Happy shopping!