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There are many different materials bed frames can be made from. One of the reasons why metal bed frames are popular is because they are comparatively very strong, and easy to assemble or disassemble.

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Metal Bed Frames Gold Coast by Inside Outside

This makes a metal bed frame the best choice for anyone who is likely to move a lot from one address to another. The simple convenience of being able to take the bed apart for transport and then reassemble it at the other end makes a really big difference when you are likely to move address two or more times per year.

Of course this is not the only reason to like a metal bed frame. There are many other things, such as colour choices, stylistic designs, and so on, that make a metal frame highly desirable for some people.

The difference of shopping with us

When you are thinking about where to buy metal bed frames online, Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle is home to the best collection of metal bed frames Gold Coast has to offer.

In terms of quality and price, the products we sell represent the best value for anyone wanting to buy metal bed frames online. For those who haven’t yet considered this option, you may be wondering why it’s better to order metal bed frames online, and there’s a simple answer: cost.

Why choose a metal bed frame in Gold Coast?

Traditional furniture stores that operate retail locations have massive overheads to pay, which online stores can avoid. Imagine what retail stores have to pay to run all those lights, cash registers, and demo appliances. Then there’s the money they have to pay to their sales team (including commissions and bonuses), invest in training staff, and so much more.

Naturally you shouldn’t just assume you’ll get a cheaper price by shopping online. Unless, of course, you are buying from Inside Outside Furnishing and Lifestyle. That’s because we have every intention of holding onto our lead as the best Australian online furniture vendor.

We pass our savings on to our customers, and you can verify this for yourself just by looking at our incredibly low prices on seriously high quality products.

More convenience and less stress

We have warehouses in most Australian states to ensure fast and efficient delivery. Our customers can be certain of the fastest delivery, from our Melbourne customers to those who live in Gold Coast. Metal bed frames ordered on Monday could arrive at your home as early as Friday of the same week.

Another difference you will find when shopping with Inside Outside is that we try to make the experience as pleasant and simple as we possibly can. There is a wide range of payment options (including credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, and AfterPay), an option to pay by instalments, and total transaction security. Buying beds on Afterpay is an extremely affordable option.

Buying your metal bed frame from Inside Outside is a smart move because it’s really easy and you’ll save a lot of money.

Low Maintenance Metal Bed Frames

One of the most significant attractions with metal bed frames is how easy they are to maintain. The last thing that anyone wants is to invest in a new bed frame that looks perfect in their home, only to find that its quality diminishes rapidly over time due to their inability to properly maintain it.

With metal bed frames, Gold Coast residents with even the busiest lifestyles and the least time to spend on care and maintenance can rest assured that they’ll enjoy a high quality product for many years.

The Biggest Range of Meal Bed Frames in Gold Coast

By following a few simple care tips; you can ensure that your metal bed frame remains in perfect condition.

  • Most of the time, regular dusting down of the bed frame will be more than enough to keep it in good condition and looking great.
  • In the event that something gets spilled and a liquid splashes up onto the bed frame, simply wiping it off with a wet cloth will easily prevent stains and just be sure to dry the frame afterwards with a dry cloth, otherwise you run the risk of facilitating rusting.
  • If you do discover that some rust has begun to form, all you need to do is run a stiff wire brush over the area and you should find that your metal bed frame is easily restored to its former condition.

These days, with so people living increasingly hectic lives and having less and less time to spend on housekeeping, the low maintenance of metal bed frames are keeping Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and all other Australian residents happy.

Our Metal Bed Frames are Sturdy, Stylish and Sleek

The two major factors that come into play when making decisions regarding furniture for your home are usually practicality and appearance. It goes without saying that all furniture should do its job effectively while looking great.

If you’re trying to create a simple, minimalistic style that helps to foster an uncluttered lifestyle, metal is the perfect material to choose for your bed frames. It is simple and stylish, and it’s also extremely strong and durable.

Many people are drawn to these qualities and decide for the sake of convenience and affordability to buy metal bed frames online. Too often, these people end up with products that are of unacceptably low quality and as they’ve bought them from unreliable online sellers.

More Than Just Metal Bed Frames at Inside Outside

With Inside Outside, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re buying from a trusted and established seller based here in Gold Coast. Metal bed frames sold from our website are carefully selected by our expert team due to their superior quality, and this is why so many Australians choose to get their metal bed frames online on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Beds

Q. Can I have my bed frames delivered to my home address?

A. Yes! When you order your bedroom furniture with Inside Outside, you select where you want your bed frames delivered, so you can have your furniture delivery to arrive at your home address or another location such as your work address.  We recommend that someone is available to receive your furniture delivery.

Q. Can I buy bed frames on Afterpay?

A. Yes! Inside Outside wants to make online shopping easy and pleasurable as well as safe, which is why we offer secure options to pay.  Buy now pay later offers shoppers convenience and security  – you can Afterpay beds, buy beds on Zippay or use traditional alternatives such as EFT, credit card or PayPal to order furniture online.

Q. Can you recommend other products, for example, if I buy a bed, can you recommend me a place to Afterpay mattresses?

A. Yes! Inside Outside customer service team can give you options for complementary bedroom furniture, bedding and mattresses.  Buy now pay later options mean you can Afterpay mattresses or Zippay mattresses online with us and shop for all you need in one place.

Q. Can we see the bed frames metal, touch them and check out how they feel? 

A. Unfortunately not. Due to OH&S regulations, our warehouses do not allow members of the public to be on the premises. However, to alleviate this concern, we can certainly provide plenty of additional images of all parts of the metal bed frame, as well as answer queries or concerns about size, colour, dimensions and installation.  Email our customer service team at with your concerns, and we will assist you promptly.

Contact the metal bed frame experts today!

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