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More than an online furniture store, Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle sells whatever you want for home or garden, inside and outside.

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Home and Garden at Inside Outside

To quantify or categorize the home and garden department of Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle is a mega task, but we want to introduce to you some of the affordable homewares and tools that help you make your house a home.  We are not exactly talking furniture and bedding, more appliances, cleaning equipment, home maintenance supplies and pet care products.

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Here at Inside Outside, we proudly maintain that our online furniture store is the best place to buy homewares and garden products in the Gold Coast and beyond.  We back this up by stocking a quality selection of products with some of the most affordable prices on Gold Coast home and garden products.  Naturally, our Gold Coast online store is not the only one who offers cheap home and garden products on the Gold Coast, but our prices are just the beginning.

Why Shop with Inside Outside

Added to cheap priced furniture, garden tools and homewares, Inside Outside also works hard to ensure you receive much better service than anywhere else. We know that communication is important with our customers throughout their buying journey, so we communicate through each step of the online shopping experience.

Our home and garden products have been sourced from and are stored Australian warehouses ready to be dispatched direct to your door using our network of delivery service providers.  We ensure our indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, our home and garden products and products from every other category meet with Australian safety standards.  We want to ensure our customers are safe, while using our home and garden products.

Our products, though they are priced using a competitive price point, don’t skimp on quality.  We confidently back our products, so if at any time within a year, your purchase fails, we happily replace the product at no cost to you.  Confidence in our products is important to us as the retailer, but we know that as a customer, it is important to be assured of the warranty and what the warranty will cover.

We deal with items made from the best quality materials and high-end manufacturing and bring them to you at the best rates and convenience. Our aim is to bring top home design products to our customers and provide a variety of options to choose from. With our online store, home design is much more easy, efficient and enjoyable than before.

Inside Outside really does sell all you need; if you are looking for a garden shed, a greenhouse or a garden bed for outdoors or looking to light up your living room with downlights.

Finding the right kind of synthetic turf for your garden area or outdoor lawn can be quite tricky but we have the best options for you, you won’t be able to tell that it’s not real grass.  With all sorts of DIY products to help you with your bathroom renovation, or pet care products so you can house your dog or entertain your cat (think cat scratching tree) you will begin to see now why it is hard to quantify the home and garden department of our store.

Our product categories continually grow as we add more high quality and useful house and garden products to help you create a home, more than a house.

Here’s How To Order the Best House and Garden Products

To order anything from our store, is simple process of deciding on the best house and garden products, selecting “add to cart” then you can continue shopping until you have all you need.  Select checkout and key in your detail, paying special attention to selecting the best secure payment option for your lifestyle.  Many of our customers love the affordable conveniences of buy now pay later Australia, such as Afterpay and ZIP.

Whenever you are looking to buy vacuum cleaners on Afterpay, it is easy just to select the Afterpay payment options and follow through the process with helpful and clear prompts.

At this point, Inside Outside receives your order for one of our cheap vacuum cleaners on Afterpay. Our office will process this order within 12 business hours, or just prior to the next business day if you order with Inside Outside Furniture on a weekend.  This means your order will be acknowledged and we send you an email with our thanks for your order and then we give you an indication of when dispatch would normally take place.

More Than Just Cheap Home and Garden

More than a home and garden website, Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle is your one stop online store that can supply you with whatever is needed in your home or garden, both inside and outside.

Whether you find Inside Outside when you search for an online furniture store Gold Coast, if you’re based in Melbourne, or if you call Sydney home, searching for garden tools, or Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth, be assured, you have come to the right home and garden website.  We aim to ensure you have a wonderful experience shopping online with us.  Easily browse all styles and budgets of furnishings (both indoor and outdoor, as indicated by our name), home and garden products as well as a huge selection of items to add quality to your busy and adventurous lifestyle.

Our Home and Garden Categories Include:

Artificial Grass
Audio & Video
Garden Beds
Garden Lights
Garden Sheds & Greenhouses
Garden Tools
Kitchen & Laundry
Pet Care


Buy from Inside Outside to enjoy amazing value on all home and garden products, so you get top quality affordable products while you experience the best online store where you can buy all things home.

Inside Outside Furniture is Australia’s leading supplier of indoor & outdoor furniture for sale online. We sell all you need.