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One of the big challenges most people face at home is finding enough space to keep all their things. Reclaiming vital space is a small but significant victory in the battle to keep your home tidy and efficient.

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Gas Lift Storage Bed Frames Gold Coast by Inside Outside

A good way to reclaim some space is by using the space under your bed for storage. If you just store things under an ordinary platform bed, you’ll find there is limited room and the space there does nothing to protect your things from dust, insects, spills, inquisitive pets, and even more inquisitive babies.

If only there was some way to overcome this problem. Wait a moment… there is. You can buy specially designed storage beds that provide you with dedicated and protected storage space.

Everything there is to know about storage beds

These come in two types:

  • Beds that have storage drawers in the base
  • Gas lift beds

The first type does give you reasonable storage space, but the available storage area is limited by height and width much more than the gas lift alternative.

It’s for this reason that we really like gas lift storage beds. This technology may be something you haven’t heard of before, so a brief explanation is in order.

A gas lift bed uses hydraulic arms to allow you to easily pop open the entire underside of the bed, in a similar way to how you open the hood of your car to inspect the engine.

This means the entire internal space of the bed is available for you to store things in. It also means you can access the things stored inside much more easily than if you use drawers or simply shove things under a platform bed.

How to get one

Now that you know what a difference they could make in your life, you’re probably wondering where you can get gas lift beds on the Gold Coast. We’ll just come right out and say it:

The only place you should go to for gas lift storage beds on the Gold Coast is Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle. Why? Because we’re the best.

The main reason we’re the best is because we’ve made it part of our mission to provide the best value on storage bed frames Gold Coast. We have achieved that goal by sourcing high quality products and offering them at the most affordable prices.

We’re the leading supplier of gas lift storage bed frames

This sensible business strategy hasn’t won us any friends among competing vendors, but our customers love us for making quality furniture and homewares easier to obtain.

To shop for gas lift storage bed frames in Gold Coast, simply click through to our interactive online catalogue and browse our collection. You really can’t go wrong with Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle at your service.

The Benefits of Gas Lift Storage Beds

Like beds with storage drawers underneath, gas lift storage beds provide an extremely useful and valuable place for you to store your household possessions. If you’re frustrated by the amount of clutter that seems to build up in your home and particularly your bedroom, all beds that come with storage spaces underneath serve as very worthy investments.

But gas lift storage beds have a number of crucial and distinct advantages over beds with traditional storage drawers underneath.

  • Not only do they provide even greater storage space, but they also make it significantly easier to access all areas where things can be stored underneath your bed.Rather than having to crawl on your hands and knees and fumble around at the back of a drawer for something that you may or may not have left there anyway, you can simply lift the entire bed up and easily see where everything is (or isn’t) without having to get down on the floor and search.This is particularly useful for older people or people with disabilities who may find it difficult to bend down and get back up again. This level of access is one of the major selling points of storage gas lift beds.

We’re a Gold Coast-Based Company Providing Quality Gas Lift Storage Beds

Because we’re based here in Australia, you can be sure that Australian standards of quality and health and safety are in place with all of our products.

This can’t always be guaranteed with other online furniture retailers; many of which operate from overseas; but it is absolutely essential, particularly with products that can be dangerous if they’re not well made like gas lift beds.

Gold Coast residents can take comfort from our exceptional reputation for quality and professionalism. And, because we’re a well-established and trusted Australian company, you can rest assured that the storage bed frames Gold Coast that we sell are of the very highest quality.

A Wide Variety of Gas Lift Storage Beds

Our gas lift storage beds in the Gold Coast are always made with only the finest materials. Customers can choose between leather and fabric finishes and our beds come in a wide range of different styles to suit all kinds of interior design themes.

Once you get your new gas lift bed home, you should care for it in the same way as you would an ordinary bed; being careful to ensure you only use specialist fabric or leather cleaner to avoid causing any damage to the material.

This way, you can be confident that your new bed will continue to look great and serve as a valuable and versatile addition to your home for many years to come.

Contact the gas lift storage bed frame experts today!

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