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Nothing suggests elegance in bedroom furniture quite like the presence of a classic four poster bed frame. Gold Coast online furniture specialist Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle has the best options for your 4 poster bed frame in Gold Coast.

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What is a four-poster bed, anyway?

If you’ve never heard of this type of bed before, it may be a bit confusing. You may be wondering “Don’t all beds have 4 post bed frames?” In fact a four poster bed is different to a regular bed because it is a bed frame with posts to support a canopy.

That does indeed make a difference, because the whole point of having a four poster bed frame is that it allows you to fit curtains to it. Why would you want to do that? There are many reasons.

Curtains are what makes a four poster bed special

For one thing, they can add a nice decorative touch, so you get an easy way to make a room more appealing.

Curtains can also be used to shut out drafts from reaching the bed, and if you’ve ever suffered through a Gold Coast winter, you will quickly see the value of this.

Another reason is that curtains can be used for privacy, and have the added advantage of making intimate moments seem more intimate.

The most practical reason is, of course, that you can hang mosquito net curtains to help keep insects off the bed. If you live in areas where mosquitoes are likely to be a problem, Carrara or Varsity Lakes, for example, this can be a solution for you.

Different sizes available

Obviously the king four poster bed frame is Gold Coast‘s most popular choice, but not everyone has room for a king sized bed. Fortunately for those who need (or prefer) a less spacious option, Inside Outside also offers the four poster bed frame in queen, double, and even single sizes.

Luxury you can afford

Nobody can resist the allure of a four poster bed. These beds just look and feel so much more luxurious than ordinary beds. Small wonder, since they were once only available to the mega-wealthy.

Times have certainly changed, and today you can buy your own luxury four poster bed from as low as $225, but only if you buy from Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle.

Four Poster Bed Frames Made from Quality Materials

If you’ve decided to invest in a four poster bed frame, the chances are you’re keen to create a sense of luxury and grandeur in your bedroom. If so, it’s very important that you ensure you’re striving for.

For 4 post bed frames that are beautifully made and very affordable, we’ve got you covered.

When you choose to buy your bed frame from Inside Outside, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re doing business with one of Australia’s most trusted and established furniture retailers.

The Highest Quality 4 Post Bed Frames in Gold Coast

Our extremely high standards and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service are what have won us the trust and respect of so many Australian customers over the years. As we’re based here on the Gold Coast, you can be sure that Australian standards of quality, craftsmanship and health and safety are always enforced when we come to selecting the products we bring to you.

And these standards are enforced right from the very start of the process: when we select the products we sell, we are always extremely careful to ensure we’re getting products made with only the very finest materials.

What that means for you, the consumer, is that you can be confident that our metal 4 post bed frames are always sturdy, sleek and stylish.

Caring for your Four Poster Bed Frame

Whilst a bed frame with posts can be a luxurious addition to any bedroom, the last thing that anyone wants is for poor maintenance to cause their bed frame to lose its appeal over time. In order to prevent this from happening, there are a few simple things you can do to take good care of your new 4 poster bed frame.

  • Gold Coast residents who have purchased one of our steel bed frames will be pleased to hear that a light dusting down on a regular basis should be more than enough to keep the product looking its absolute best.
  • But accidents do happen so if your four poster bed frame in Queensland becomes stained or dirty, a damp cloth will easily remove any dirt from the surface of your steel frame.
  • Just be sure to use a dry cloth afterwards to remove any moisture and prevent rust from forming. If you have a four poster bed frame queen or a king four poster bed frame in your Gold Coast home that’s rusty, you can run a stiff wire brush over the affected areas to remove it.

More than Just Four Poster Bed Frames

A classic four poster bed frame is the easiest way to add a little extra elegance to any bedroom. Decorate it well, according to your needs, and you will find the four poster bed is the luxury bed you’ve been craving.

Buy your four poster bed today from Inside Outside Furnishing & Lifestyle, and have it in your home within a week.

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